Entertainer PRIVILEGE

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Entertainer PRIVILEGE

Unread postby WeAreAlreadyThere » Mon Feb 22, 2016 2:27 pm

Make a anti-cop video, then demand the cops protect you on your tour where you continue to turn social programming and racist and hate tricks, that's entertainer PRIVILEGE...............

When your baby is delivered, the cops conduct a traffic convoy so you can go in your black Escalade posse convoy in-private to pick up your little baby girl, more entertainer PRIVILEGE.........

When you break FCC rules, nobody is fired or put on probation, they are forgiven and then promoted, it's called Entertainer PRIVILEGE..........

If you make $2.5M per episode and pay for hookers and end up getting AIDS you are a national hero, and people want to save you, it's called, entertainer PRIVILEGE........

If you beat your fiancée unconscious in a Vegas hotel elevator, you are brought back into the team because of, entertainer PRIVILEGE..........

Tell vulgar jokes and self-promote yourself as a lesbian comic, with the president of the United States being one of your biggest fans and calling you one of his 'favorites', and you know what it's called.

Have a bunch of blacks in love triangles trying to figure out whose baby it is, and you egg them on, on your show, waiting for DNA results, as you make millions of $$'s, and you know what it's called,
Maury's Privilege.

Beyoncé's Privilege. In fact, your own spell checking program right here on BG.com shows me EXACTLY how to hyphenate this homo-sapiens first name, now, THAT is PRIVILEGE.

Ray's Privilege.

Wanda's Privilege.

Charlie's Privilege, wait until you see the funeral.
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Entertainer PRIVILEGE



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