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What is it with with liberals and race

Unread postPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2015 12:40 pm
by curleycue1
What makes white liberals so special when it comes to race, back in the sixties white liberals fled the inner cities to predominantly white suburbs to avoid living with African Americans who were left in inner city ghettos because of rampant discrimination in the north as well as the south, than the war in Vietnam is emasculated by JFK and LBJ both democrats causing white Americans who used their parents service in world war 11 to afford college, took to the streets to avoid being sent to Vietnam, of course the freedom riders left their white suburban neighborhoods that parents fled too in the fifties to run down to Mississippi and march with colored folks who were fighting for basic civil rights while white liberals were more concerned about dodging and ending the war in Vietnam, what people don't understand that it was white southern democrats who promoted Jim Crow laws in the south not republicans at the same time the media and Hollywood were predominantly white institutions that were very prejudices when it came to their own hiring practices, now fast forward to today, this is the era where white liberals proclaimed themselves the saviors and protectors of minorities especially African Americans and they seem more than willing to actively look for isolated racial incidents, promote racial hatred, cause riots and in some cases get innocent people killed from the comfort of their predominately white newsrooms and neighborhoods whee they choose to live, so what makes them any better, these are hypocrites who didn't care when they were hired because of their white skin and would never be willing to give up their jobs in the name of equality, but everyday their out their labeling everybody but themselves a racist, while they demand that white Americans makes sacrifices that their not willing to make for themselves, if white liberals really care about minorities then quit your job in the name of equality, so networks like ABC, Yahoo news, NBC and the New York times along with the rest of the liberal media including Hollywood can fully integrate their own industries.