Bernie Goldberg on 640 Am Radio Toronto

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Bernie Goldberg on 640 Am Radio Toronto

Unread postby Onward James » Thu Jan 29, 2009 7:32 pm

Heard Bernie chat with John Oakley on a Toronto program. That was the first time I heard of MEDIA ACTIVISM.

"The once bias media became activists. They took sides. To the journalists (of the Left) it was a noble mission... because... Obama is a cool, black Democrat, a rock star. They wanted him to win and did their best to make sure. But if he was Republican, he wouldn't have gotten that kind of PR."

Journalists are supposed to be objective, this time they shaped history, Bernie said.

A free press is to keep an eye on government.

Now, nobody trusts the media any longer. And, what happens if a bad guy gets in power? Not that Obama is bad guy.

I checked Obama's astrological make-up.

Continue the awareness, Bernie Goldberg

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Bernie Goldberg on 640 Am Radio Toronto



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