Mr. Goldberg.. how can you and Bill possibly accuse NBC of&g

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Mr. Goldberg.. how can you and Bill possibly accuse NBC of&g

Unread postby Astral » Sat Apr 05, 2008 12:35 pm


Sure, NBC is mostly pro-Obama. But don't for a second try to act as if Fox's anchors aren't all staunchly anti-Democrat. I watch Mr. O'Reilly's show alot and while he constantly claims to be "fair" and "balanced", he makes a list of the worst things said soo far this year and EVERY SINGLE PERSON on the list was either a Democrat or a left leaning person. How could you possibly have such a list and not include one thing from the queen of atrociously hateful and stupid statements, Anne Coulter. Anne Coulter who has (on the record) called Obama equal to Hitler and called John Edwards a "faggot". Bill leaves that hateful garbage out, but he puts in Chris Matthews praising Obama's race speech, which I and most people felt was in fact a great speech. And nothing from Rush Limbaugh either on that list?? The man who said that the VA Tech shooter "must have been a liberal".

Look, all I'm saying is please stop misrepresenting yourselves as fair and balanced. You guys spend 99% of your time on O'Reilly slamming the Democrats every move and I never hear one drop of criticism of the far right nuts. It's always "far left loons", but never mention of the far right psychos.

Oh.. and one last thing: PLEASE.. enough about the Rev. Wright deal already. You guys have all talked endlessly about that for like 4 weeks now and it's beyond being a dead horse. No one but anti-Obama people care anyway.
I am as moderate as one can be. I like aspects of both parties and think it's dumb that we're expected to go one way or the other with pre-packaged politicians.
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Mr. Goldberg.. how can you and Bill possibly accuse NBC of&g



Unread postby JKersting » Mon Apr 07, 2008 8:29 pm

Fox has reporters and anchors who are Democrats...big time. I cannot mention names due to some confidentiality. But you know the names.

There is a big difference between carrying your beliefs and showing them blatantly.

Commentators are a very different story. Chris Matthews says he gets chills. That is OK? I don't recall Sean Hannity having a verbal orgasm to President Bush, or did I miss it.

Ann Coulter is different. She is not a Fox employee. Why did you bring her up? Seemed out of place. O'Reilly is NOT a news anchor. He is a commentator and that is why his opinion is his opinion and not news bias. If he chooses to NOT include Coulter, take it up with him.

Those who are quick to criticize Fox are no so quick to criticize the others. That is NEITHER Fair, nor Balanced. Before pointing your fingers, note the three pointing back at you.

AND NO, I do not work for Fox, nor a Fox affiliate.
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Re: Mr. Goldberg.. how can you and Bill possibly accuse NBC of&g

Unread postby ArielShaul » Thu Apr 22, 2010 1:51 am

Actually, Bill did chastise Ann for the two hyperboles you mentioned. They had this disagreement in person, unlike Al Gore (still hiding or not giving interviews). Bill also introduced Ann as a conservative commentator, not as a reporter. Bill's invited guest list would actually be slightly left if more actually came on the program.
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