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Trump press conference of 2-16-17

Unread postPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 2:10 pm
by annie0412
Bernie, I love watching you on Fox. I love when you and Bill O'Reilly are on together. I usually like and agree with almost everything you say. Today was an exception. I watched you with Bill Hemmer this morning and I disagree with your claim that if Trump continues to berate and attack the press, that Independents and Republicans (that held their collective noses when they voted for him) will abandon him. I was one of those Independents who did hold my nose while I voted. But he will not lose my support in his fight with the press. There are many things that I am not happy about with Mr. Trump, but this area is not one of them. The MSM has gotten away with too much for too long. I am not alone. Many of my friends and family members--some who were dyed in the wool----never going to change Democrats----voted for Trump. Further, many of my younger friends, who are ( or were) very liberal voted Republican. And many of those young people have shared that while the left continues to throw tantrums and have meltdowns and riots, while Democratic senators refuse to show up and do their jobs, and the media continues to be dishonest, they will continue to vote Republican. You are a very smart man. You should know that those citizens of this country who voted Republican, whether they were lifelong Republicans, Independents, Democrats or other, did so because they are sick of the media, and sick about where this country has been going. You just don't hear from them anymore, because they did their public duty, then went home and got back to living their daily lives raising families and going to jobs that support those families and their communities. It is very concerning that the media still doesn't get it. And now I have to wonder if you don't either. However, I still think you are a great pundit! Perhaps you could spend more time actually talking with those of us who held our noses.