Political division.

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Political division.

Unread postby Dax Baxter » Sun Jan 12, 2014 12:01 pm

In reference to your comments on the depth of political hatred in America; I was in college during the sixties and a few things in the civil rights movement that were reported totally wrong and left the impression, at least in the opinion of the left that all people from the 13 original Confederate States were boob sand ignorant red necks. Unfortunately, I always hear jokes about marrying their "sister". This has caused a real hatred of "Yankees" by people of the South.

I believe the virulent hate that is present now stems from the fact that just about every liberal social program from "War on Poverty" to "Obamacare" has been implemented by DC without much, if any, consideration for Conservative input. AND IT HASN"T WORKED. Just this week it was revealed that welfare and it's related give-aways to the "poor" have cost 21 trillion dollars. This is in fact greater the total cost of purchasing the "Fortune 500" and :clap: all their assets. Anyone that believes that's a success is insane. The liberal solution is to throw more money at the programs when the real problem is WHO is managing the programs. Yeah, there is going to be another "Civil War" in this country. Don't want it, but it's a fact.
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Political division.



Re: Political division.

Unread postby chefclary60 » Fri Dec 12, 2014 1:20 am

Sadly, Mr. Goldberg has become part of what he calls the "lamestream" media. The political divide in our country is simply a contrived, control issue. Period. James Corbett, a man I consider about ten times smarter than O'Reilly and twice as smart as Bernie and most importantly, a hundred times more honest than both, says it better than I EVER could.

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