2013 American Revolution

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2013 American Revolution

Unread postby housecalls » Wed Jul 24, 2013 2:00 pm

America's Dilemma:

Why does the Media and Congress continue to go along with the Federal "Dog & Pony Show" regarding the Obama Administration? When are you guys/gals going to Wise Up and realize that Obama is working his "hidden agenda" and succeeding.

His goal is to destroy our country and he is succeeding! His Presidential goal was Never to be a leader... it was always to destroy. All he wanted to do was get elected so he could work his agenda. He banked on White Guilt and the misinformed to become President. You absolutely cannot believe a "Word" that he iterates in his slick speeches... he Never shares the True facts. He simply says what his "Dumb-Ass Followers" want to believe.

It really pains me to watch Congress and the pundits running around "chasing their tails". Obama has already violated the Constitution. What does that say about Congress? We all know that the Supreme Court is corrupt. Roberts singularly changed Constitutional Law to pass Obamacare as a Law.

I blame the American people for not paying attention. They are more interested in their electronic devices and stupid "reality" TV than knowing what is Really happening in their own country.

I would bet my life that our Founders are rolling over in their graves knowing this information. Thomas Jefferson predicted that this would happen... and he was correct. It is a proven fact that every major Civilization on Earth was strong for the first 200-250 years, and then internal corruption destroyed them.

The American 2-Party system has run its course... it NO Longer works! Politics has over-ridden Common Sense and the Honest concern for the American Public. Politicians have their own hidden agendas in order to become Powerful and Wealthy, regardless of the effects on the American public.

Politicians, in general, are scum. There are but a few "honest" politicians anymore. And they will probably become corrupt at some point due to the atmosphere in Washington. Once they find out they can rape the American people for their own personal gain, they change.

Without a "Country Wide Revolution", America and its core values will not survive. If I had the means, I would hire a Covert American Special Force to Eliminate all the wrongdoers in Washington and in the Race Baiter media. Specific News Organization Leaders would be Elininated. I would have them Eliminate guys like George Soros and similar.

Then, and only then, can America stand a fair chance of surviving with the original values that this country began with.
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2013 American Revolution



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