Bernie on O'Reilly - Privacy vs Gun Records

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Bernie on O'Reilly - Privacy vs Gun Records

Unread postby frank farmville » Tue Jan 08, 2013 4:04 am

Hello Team Goldberg,

I hope that this thread / post will cast a new paradigm on this conversation.

We are COMPLETELY missing something: the STATE is ultimately responsible for privacy of the state's "information assets" -- not the newspaper.

If you leave meat on the table with the dog in the room to go and answer the door, then when you return the meat will be gone. Why be mad with the dog (mass media) -- when the dog's nature is to be a dog ? The meat owner (state) should have known better. The dog actions are but a symptom; the meat owner's action are the root cause.

HEADS-UP: abuse of gun records = abuse of ARREST records = one in the same fight !!

In the last 2 years, 7 million people in the USA -- many who were innocent and the arrest sealed -- have been "outed" by sites like Mugshots dot com whose owners want to shame people and thus extort them into paying to take it down. These ersatz arrest records include a google map to the person's home address and allow the viewer to tag the photo with derogatory references.

What's next ?! How about mugshots type websites all over the net -- but instead to "out" gun owners ?! That's where things are going unless the people DO something to change the law.

SOLUTION: the NRA needs to join with those 7 million mugshot victims and use that HUGE political base to get the state to become more serious about privacy NOW.

Here is a blog post that elaborates on these points, notes Obama hypocrisy, and points out key legislation being put forth in Georgia in early 2013 -- get ON this news scoop: ... state.html

All the best, Frank in Atlanta
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Bernie on O'Reilly - Privacy vs Gun Records



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