Why Republicans Lost

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Why Republicans Lost

Unread postby harveygrund » Wed Nov 07, 2012 10:22 pm

Bernie appeared on Bill O'reilly tonight (11/7/12) and delivered an absolutely brilliant analysis of why the Rrepublicans lost the presidential race. :clap:

I call it brilliant because it almost exactly matches my thoughts on my blog :oops: (My View from the Center, http://webcentrist.wordpress.com/2012/1 ... s-america/), published this morning.

In summary:

The majority of the current crop of voters:

    - don’t understand or care about budget deficits or about how the economy works,

    - believe that most rich people are greedy and got rich by stepping on poor people,

    - don’t believe they can ever be successful on their own.

    - have no understanding of economics on the national scale

    - don’t believe that the government can ever run out of money

    - feel that they are entitled to either free or dirt-cheap health care and entitled to a living wage (either from an employer or from the government, they don’t care which).

    - understand that that the two party system now consists of the Democratic party and the Christian Conservative party (the Republican party died when the Moral Majority was born).

    - are not religious and have no desire to have the terms of their life dictated to them by bible-thumping politicians (i.e., Conservatives.)

    - feel that being gay is not a disqualifier for being equal (they have seen that Conservatives treat the LGBT community like second class citizens)

    - have witnessed Conservative’s hypocrisy and find it disingenuious: They have heard Conservatives loudly complain about how Obamacare allows the government to interfere in the doctor/patient relationship by taking away choices and then they see how eager and willing Conservatives are to interfere in the relationship between a pregnant woman and her doctor by limiting their choices.

In summary, Mitt Romney loss of yesterday’s election was a powerful lesson for the Republican party; it emphasized that in order to bring their message to the majority they need to present them with a candidate they can relate to — someone who can effectively speak about economics, freedom and personal responsibility on a novice’s level. That candidate should also view social diversity not as a the deterioration of society but as the evolution of society. The Republican message was the right one but the messengers failed.

The Republican party should have also learned the lesson that government should limit itself to the economy and national defense and govern by using the Constitution — not the Bible. The Republican party needs to return to it’s roots as the Grand Old Party by ridding itself of Social Conservative attitudes and religious harangues.
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Why Republicans Lost



Re: Why Republicans Lost

Unread postby Phinehas » Fri Apr 19, 2013 12:50 am

- feel that being gay is not a disqualifier for being equal

As if being blind is equal to being able to see. At the most, you could have separate but relative-equal say like the Special Olympics. Please stop the irrational but emotionally blinded mindset that being gay is equal to being straight. It self evidently is not.
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