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Unread postby hilf » Tue Oct 30, 2012 1:00 pm

Sean Hannity interviewed the father of the slain former Navy Seal Tyrone Woods the other night, during which the father, a grieving Charles Woods, not too subtly insisted that someone in the White House “has blood on their hands” for — some evidence suggests – refusing to send aid to those who were later found murdered by terrorists in Benghazi.

This was news not picked up by many outlets in the major print and tv media, which have been ignoring this story for only one of two possible reasons:

It is indeed a non-story or these media are complicit in the cover-up of the worst governmental scandal since Watergate.

The mounting journalism scandal reminds me of 2005 and the coverage of Cindy Sheehan, the anti-war activist whose soldier son was killed in Iraq soon after the invasion. Her protests against George W. Bush’s war echoed world-wide. Page One every day and prominent on the nightly news for weeks. The media publicized her every move and utterance as she camped outside the President’s ranch in Crawford, Texas, demanding more apologies and explanations.

With Benghazi, the excuses that there is “nothing here to look at” diminish each day as witnesses come forth and evidence mounts that the Obama Administration sacrificed the safety of those in Benghazi because the terrorist attack would jeopardize the foreign policy myth of Al Qaeda being put “on the run.” The election comes first.

There are already parallels with Watergate. The burglary of the Democratic National Heaquarters occurred on June 17, 1972, and went down as a two-bit break-in and nearly forgotten until after Richard Nixon won re-election five months later.

Sometimes history is truth delayed, with evidence leaking out and piling up week after week as the Watergate hearings progressed. The difference between the Watergate and Benghazi scandals is, on one hand, a break-in of a business office, and on the other the massacre over several hours of four Americans who begged for help. And laid out in front of us were the subsequent stories of a nutty video being the cause, when all the while the White House, State and Defense departments and security officials knew that trained terrorists were at the bottom of it. Or at least it looks that way.

The big journalism question is whether there are trained and experienced editors who recognize that Benghazi is a huge story. We don’t yet know all the answers, but when I was a reporter and editor, finding things out was what we did for a living.
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Unread postby SusanJ. » Tue Oct 30, 2012 9:16 pm

Unfortunately, this is the not the least bit surprising. Terribly sorry that Ms. Sheehan lost her son. No "buts" no qualifiers, nothing but how sad that was.
The tragic end to another man's life, trying to save his countrymen, is also a tragedy. The Benghazi catastrophe was inexcusable, both before that tragic night and during the night and since that night. They knew. In evading the question as to why they didn't act in defense of Americans under fire has no plausible answer. And they know it. Those four men deserved better. They won't get it from this administration.
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