Americans First War on Terror

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Americans First War on Terror

Unread postby honestavner » Fri Dec 24, 2010 1:29 am

I don't know if i should have posted this in another area, but im a student of history, and I wanted to talk about Americas First War on Terror..

Ironically Americas first war on terror was under a Republican, president Ulysses S. Grant. You know the guy on the 50 dollor bill. And like Bush, Grants presidence was plagued with corruption scandals. Infact thats all i remember learning about him in college was that he put family memebers in government postions and made fortunes off the government. But after learning more about his presidence, I feel like the scandals agaist him really over shadowed the very astonishing feats President Grant did for Black equility in this country.

In february of 1869, one mouth after he was elected president, Grant was given a report out of the now defeated south that a group of Democratic extremes were conducting black genocide and killing elected officials all over the south. While wearing white hoods, they went from town to town killing blacks and fire bombing their homes. Grant being the Brigadier General of President Licolns fanatical volunteer army during the Civil war, gave one order to his Generals, "crush them".

Under the reconstruction act of 1867, President Grant sent 20,000 Vetern Union Soldiers to hunt down and kill the terrorest group calling itself the Klu Klux Klan. The men Grant sent to fight these traitors were fathers, brothers, and sons of killed Union soldiers during the Civil War. Led by a Colonel Daniel J. Harvey, who was discribed as a humorless Southern hating Disciplinarian, marched his way deep into the south and wiped out the KKK. Colonel Harvey quickly picked up the nick name, The Hangmen of the South. It was also during this time, that the first generations of free southern blacks were given the postions of Marshals.

But after the election of 1876 and almost 9 years of occupation and tremendous public disapproval, The reconstruction act of 1867 had been ended and all union soldiers had been recalled by President Rutherford B. Heys. Before leaving their posts, Thousands of Union soldeirs gave their weapons and ammuntions to blacks. But without the support of the Union army, African Americans of the south had to endure another 100 years of White southern oppression.

So after learning all of this, I was very disapointed that this part of Grants Presidency isn't even acknowledge in schools or by those that claim to champions socail justice. I have a friend that studied African American History... and he told me he didn't know any of this.

I think Grant truely was a Champion of Justice in his time, and he should be rememberd for it.
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Americans First War on Terror



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