My father would love you, Bernie!

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My father would love you, Bernie!

Unread postby mrf_7 » Wed Oct 21, 2009 2:46 pm

No, not in a man-crush way. He was a journalist. He went to school at night while working in the day to raise his family. He graduated with an AA in journalism from Pierce College, San Fernando Valley, CA.

He started as a reporter for the South Gate Press during the Watts riots. I have a picture of him in a sandbag “foxhole” with an armed National Guardsman. It’s one of my greatest treasures beside his Bronze Star.

He ended his career with his dream job, publisher of the Leisure World News, a retirement community paper, where the above-the-fold was Mrs. Jones passed away yesterday, she was a pillar in the community, etc. He loved it.

He would rant and rave at the TV nightly news, even at, yes, Walter C. He always told me a reporter should be nothing but a tape-recorder. The only thing you should hear was what was being recorded, not the machine. Unless the machine started getting squeaky, at which time you fixed it to quiet it down!

He’s in that big newsroom in the sky now, but I’m sure he still rants and raves; even more so today.

I just finished you’re Slobbering Love Affair, and it’s great, of course. I’ve read all your books, and I think of and hear my father every time. Thanks.
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My father would love you, Bernie!



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