Jesus and Gay Marriage question

Jesus and Gay Marriage question

Unread postby Unreconstructed » Mon Jul 01, 2013 3:57 pm

This is for Bernie who asked what Jesus would "say" about Gay Marriage. One of the names for Jesus Christ is "The Word." Jesus always does and says what His Father does and says. The Bible is God's Word; therefore Jesus would say what the Bible has to say about Gay Marriage.
I refer Bernie to Romas 1: 21 - 32. THIS is what Jesus would say about Gay Marriage: "vile affections."
May I also refer you to Ephesians 5: 31: "For this cause ............... and cleave unto his WIFE." Nothing about "companion, partner, etc.
The Bible has not changed, Bernie. It does NOT MATTER if "opinion is changing regarding GAY marriage." God's opinion has not and that is what counts.
Smarmy journalists don't impress a Holy God.
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Jesus and Gay Marriage question



Re: Jesus and Gay Marriage question

Unread postby sal » Thu Jul 04, 2013 2:39 pm

Bernie, I couldn't have said it better than the post referencing Romans 1:21-32 and the Ephesians reference as well. Furthermore, I believe that God is judging America. Reference Romans 1:-18-32. Man never seems to learn from history! And just because a "society" changes it's mind about issues doesn't make it right (I.e. " an idea whose time has come"). This country has been going down the tubes ever since World War II and really before that. Just look at the garbage allowed on tv and the movies and radio.

I usually agree with you but I just can't on this important subject. However, keep up the conservative fight!
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Re: Jesus and Gay Marriage question

Unread postby treadmill » Fri Dec 13, 2013 2:54 pm

Jesus would love gay people. However, that would be a long way from condoning their behavior.
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Re: Jesus and Gay Marriage question

Unread postby larryneal » Sat Dec 21, 2013 12:50 am

Bernie, also missed it on how old the earth is

#1 Bernie If the evolutionist are correct and the earth is 600 million years old and man is 1 million years old then were are all the people. At the average population increase, if man was 1 million years old then there would be 10 trillion X 10 trillion people on the planet today, where are they? However if you used the same method from the time of Noah's flood until today there would be about 6 billion.

#2 Evolutionist calculate the age of the earth by the age of the fossils they find. HERE IS THE PROBLEM WITH THAT They determine the age of the fossil by the rock formation that they find it in and they determine the age of the rock formation by the fossils they find there.

And just think, you though people who believed in the bible were the stupid ones.

Pastor Larry B
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Re: Jesus and Gay Marriage question

Unread postby RogerT » Sat Dec 21, 2013 3:24 pm

While Paul did indeed comment on gay relations in letters to Romans and Corinthians, he - being of Jewish ancestry - said no more nor less than Moses did in Genesis 2: 21-24 or Leviticus 18:22-24. a couple of thousand years before Paul came on the scene. Added to the mix could be Samuel (?-believed to be the author) in Judges 19: 22-24, a little over a thousand years before Paul. Before you question Paul, it must be noted that he changed nothing, pro or con, on the subject that God had said. As for that part about not judging, to the contrary, what is actually said, in context and actual wording, is "watch what you judge for you will be judged on your hypocrisy." (my wording, but in agreement with Bible) It does say we are to judge according to His precepts, but not hypocritically. As for the beastiality thing, Leviticus 20 compares it to homosexuality...abomination! Even the Bible's physical positioning is remarkable. And that cannot be converted to "acceptable" anywhere in the Holy Bible.
The plain language of "natural" truth is in scientific context; the very purpose of a sexual relationship is for procreation of the species. Two sexually related men cannot conceive a child anymore than two women can. This can only be done with the intervention of a third party of the opposite sex. Ergo; same sex relations is NOT natural. According to the Word Himself, it is a perversion...and that is...abominable!
If a person does not agree with the Bible or even vehemently disagrees, my right is to agree with what it says. If it is false and He does not exist...I have lost nothing. If it is true and He does have lost everything. Having studied the Bible for some 30 years (history and wording) I have never found it wanting. However, nothing has evolved faster that the hypothesis of evolution.
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Re: Jesus and Gay Marriage question

Unread postby bflo82 » Mon Mar 09, 2015 10:53 pm

The debate about homosexual(not gay but homosexual )marriage.It is never clear ether or not the debate is about marriage or about the nature of homosexuality.Few realize that there is absolutely no reliable scientific evidence that homosexuality is inborn.Not a shred.It is,caused by certain kinds of parents with certain kind of fragile boys.In simple terms,it IS learned behavior but to think so and say so means you are…….dreaded word…….homophobic.End of rational argument.

Read a wonderful book called_A Freedom Too Far by Charles Soccarides and he clearly lays out who the homosexual activists are trying and succeeding in "normalizing" psychopathology.

Too many people gave drunk the Kook-Aide and believe they are a discriminated minority but it is not a civil rights issue,
There is no law saying you have the 'right" to have psycho[pathology.

Science has been sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.

Albert R.Levy,PhD
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Re: Jesus and Gay Marriage question

Unread postby georgehc » Sat May 23, 2015 9:36 am

Dear Bernie,
Thank you for speaking up. In the first chapter of 1st John, it speaks of how truth / light reveals darkness.
You don't have to agree with this, it is my opinion, but the morality of America is weak because the critical mass of American Christian churches is weak. There is empirical foundation. Much has been written of the state of England before and after the Wesley brothers. Even Churchill, a devout agnostic at best, stood by this reality, and how profound was their impact.
It is important that you raise these points, keep up the good fight.
My 25 years since recieving Jesus Christ as my savior (I am 58 years old) has been much the same as what you experienced in this matter. Yet, God is amazing. As the struggles for truth with so called brethren increase God's loving Hand and Grace in response - but exponentially and beyond my wildest imaginations. He is closer than a flame is to a candle.
I am in the midst of a couple writing projects. One is the economic principles of the Old Testament. The other is on what Proverbs really says according to the Hebrew, not our Americanized pragmatic translation.
I am not Jewish. I am always looking for descendants of Abraham and Moses to think things through and hear real stories.
If I can ever be of any kind of resource to you, please reach out.

How may I serve you?

Here is what I posted to Bill O'Reilly as a premium member:

Bernie is right! You will know them by their works (James 2:26). 1864 - J.H. Dunant, an ambitious Swiss businessman, founds the Red Cross. Huh? As he views a war, his true devotion to the Bible's God responds.

George Cisneros
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