James Rosen is a Spy

James Rosen is a Spy

Unread postby JamesBrooksNYC » Wed May 22, 2013 3:57 pm

Love the sarcasm, thank you Bernie. Being the wordsmith that you are, how about using that satire and sarcasm and just tweak the stories that the evil Republicans have been forced to use to attack president Obama.

1) IRS targeting conservatives : Replace conservative with NAACP. Change the “be on the lookout for…” buzzwords to Black, African-American, liberal, muslim, Islam.

2) Wiretapping the AP: Students at Cal Tech, and sadly too many Americans don’t know who the VP is, probably don’t know what the AP is either. Replace AP with Lady GaGa, Jon Stewart and Jay Z and watch for the outrage.

3) James Rosen under investigation for espionage? Who cares, he’s one of those Fox people and probably deserves it. Change the story to Maureen Dowd and the NY Times and the media will trip over themselves to denounce the administration.

4) Benghazi. Pretend IT IS a nightclub on South Beach.

5) Fast and Furious. Instead of losing track of weapons sold to Mexican drug dealers, say guns the government sold to loner white men who listen to Rush Limbaugh. That might cause a serious spike in gun sales so be sure to buy stock in Ruger first.

To make it even easier, keep the stories the same and just change the phrase Obama administration to George Bush.
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James Rosen is a Spy



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