Of Billionaire Talk Show Hosts

Of Billionaire Talk Show Hosts

Unread postby VectorSpaceMan » Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:58 am

As per you column [You Go, Oprah!]

Say What?

I suppose, Bernard, that you think the one who faints in front of Jamie Foxx is one great woman. Well, here's to the billionaire talk show hostess, and to all those who get paid a tidy sum to blow frikkin' hot air. I suppose you don't see anything wrong with that picture. Men can sweat their entire lives, but if someone who's in entertainment, talking to other entertainers, for our entertainment, becomes filty 'freaking' rich, you don't seem to have a problem with that. I have news for you - we don't like it when all the corporate heads send her 10's of millions of dollars just to advertise their worthless products on Oprahs's sick, slimy, sleazy, and sometimes salacious talk show. All of you on the tube, lick each other's backsides. An eleventh commandment - thou shall not speak ill of another entertainer.

You have not awoken to the fact that we're all fighting Wall Street, China and illegal, illiterate cheap labor.

I know what your'e thinking, punk, did he fire six shots or only five. Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I've kind of lost track myself. But seeing as how this is a Smith & Wesson .44 caliber Remington Magnum, and could blow your head clean 'freaking' off, you have to ask yourself a question, do 'ya feel lucky? Well, punk, do 'ya?

Go ahead, make my day. Kick me off your PC websight. I'm glad you're OK with men sucking each other - only one thing, will you be OK with it when you come home and find your boy doin' it?

What bothers me is that you live in Malibu, and you're trying to tell the rest of us god-fearing souls what to accept and what not to.

Let's just all go ahead and make more billionaire hostesses, basketball players [MJ], and golfers [Tiger].

You just made my 'Dead Pool' list, Bernie Goldberg, you hope for greater things for those who already have too much. Time you think about the rest of us, boy.

Signing off, permanently.

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Of Billionaire Talk Show Hosts



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