Bernie's comment on Juan Williams firing

Bernie's comment on Juan Williams firing

Unread postby Mister Rogers » Thu Oct 21, 2010 5:26 pm

Bernard Goldberg condemed NPR for firing Juan Williams about his comment on national TV that he (Juan) gets nervous when he sees a person in muslim attire in airport.

I want to ask Bernard the following questions:

1. If as a white man, I said on national TV on his show that "if I see Juan Williams or any Black man, in my neigbhorhood, I am nervous, because they are going to rape my daughter. Am I correct to say that? And I am a bigot?

2. We all hear of priests raping boys. Should I be nervous of all those in priest attires because they all rape boys? And say so on your show on national TV? And pull my boys from going to christian churches?

3. Timothy McVeigh bombed and killed several people in Oklahoma. He is white. Am I correct to go on national TV and say that all whites, including Bernard Goldberg, are terrorists and bombers? And say so on your show, on national TV? That I am very nervous when I see them.

Will he (Bernard) have me back on his show?

If Mr. Bernard Goldberg answers yes to the questions above, then Juan Williams is not a bigot and his firing by NPR is wrong.

And I am correct to say that:

1. All whites are terrorists.
2. Juan Williams is black, so he is a rapist.
3. All those in priest attires rape boys.

Please be real.
Mister Rogers
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Bernie's comment on Juan Williams firing



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