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When a white liberal bigot calls white american a racsit.s

Unread postPosted: Sun Jun 28, 2015 1:16 am
by curleycue1
it's about time that we remind white liberals, that they were also born white, that they prefer to live in predominantly white neighborhoods, work in predominately white news rooms and that they didn't think twice when they used their white skin and white privilege when they applied for their jobs, so what right do they have to label white Americans who weren't even born at a time when they went along with and even prospered from discrimination, thats right the self proclaimed white saviors and protectors of minorities have a lot of white guilt and filth that can't be washed off with soap and water, even with a man of color in the white house they have to be viewed as special whites who saw the evils of their ways and are committed to make sure white Americans who had nothing to do with racism that they caused, pay for their sins, because only in her self centered world Senator Elizabeth Warren can lie her way into Harvard by claiming shes a native American, after all she's the one that supports quotas that discriminate against white Americans, now we have a supreme court justice who sits on a court dominated by whites, a man who could of cared less when he passed over more qualified minorities at a time discrimination was rampant in America, claiming white Americans must pay because he was a racist, we also have white journalist who were only hired because of their skin color, running around labeling everybody but themselves a bigot, a lot of white Americans had nothing to do with racial injustices that happened long before they were even born, we also don't have any white guilt or animosity towards African Americans, that we work with, play with and live with, so why are white Americans with so much white quilt always trying to blame their own bigotry on the backs of others. if the so called white consonances of America wants to see what a racist looks like, I suggest they looks in a mirror, because it's time to call the white closet racist exactly what they are self righteous bigots.