Far-Left Sleazeaucracy Not Lame-Stream-Media

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Far-Left Sleazeaucracy Not Lame-Stream-Media

Unread postby VectorSpaceMan » Fri Jan 01, 2010 3:40 pm

Bernie, if they were actually doing diligent journalism they might be considered the LameStream Media. Walter Cronkite and Paul Harvey, are, gone - all we have remaining are Rush and Fox and YOU!

However, when you're entertaining and editorializing you are no longer a media - correct?

They are a Tampex place holder for the drizzling, drooling dumbfounded left race-baiting anti-homophobic liars. (James Carville is an excellent example)

So, why don't we CHANGE the name on your (wonderful) coffee mugs to the Far Left Sleazeaucracy?

This is all they're hyping, pushing, promoting and pimping - 3 things - Big Business, Big Government and Big Entertainment.

And that's exactly who (The Sleazeaucracy) got Barack Hussein "I wasn't listening for 20 years" Osama "We have to end the war on terrorism" Obama elected.

Thanks again for YOUR teaching moments, particularly all the juicy, inside dirt about CBS's Rather. What a toad he has become. But your job is not finished.

They must be exposed until 2012 - because we can't afford 4 more years of the Mr. Wonderful.

I'm so mad, I've stopped drinking!

I hope that you will be the one to take over Mr. O'Reilly's show - he's been there too long, seriously. He's little more than a variety show now, don't you agree? With body language experts, culture quizes and the such..He'll never make it to 10 years as number one. He should quit while he's on top. I would.

Happy New Year, Bernie. Thanks for being there for us. VectorSpaceMan
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Far-Left Sleazeaucracy Not Lame-Stream-Media



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