Hey Redskinsfan...

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Hey Redskinsfan...

Unread postby Jeffreydan » Tue Oct 05, 2010 2:52 am

Just wanted to hear straight from the source (since I don't personally know any 'Skins fans), just how great it felt to finally see the long overdue Hall of Fame inductions of Russ Grimm and Art Monk.

I'm not from Washington (Charger fan in fact), but I'm a football purist who has had a few bones to pick with the Pro Football Hall of Fame. There are less bones now, thankfully, since Washington's dynasty from the '80's-90's has its two key offensive players in Canton now.
Offensive linemen don't get a lot of love, and it's even a little forgivable given the innate collectivity any successful O-line must have long-term, but no well-tuned offense on a football dynasty gets to be that way without at least one world-class lineman. Bradshaw and Harris thrived thanks to Mike Webster, ditto Bart Starr thanks to Forrest Gregg, and someone will have to explain to me how none of Montana's & Young's 49ers linemen got a nod.

Again regarding the 'Skins, I've heard a couple of solid arguments that the Hogs actually had TWO members worthy of the Hall--the other being Joe Jacoby. Theismann's big injury notwithstanding, for Washington to be the class of the NFC East over that period, especially with Lawrence Taylor facing you at least twice a year, that left tackle would have to be a beast.
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Hey Redskinsfan...



Re: Hey Redskinsfan...

Unread postby THEBIGBEAR » Mon Oct 25, 2010 3:19 pm

Probably a "Native American" reference rather than a football team.
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