Can Fred Thompson Perpetuate the Reagan Legacy?

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Unread postby MrSinatra » Mon Oct 15, 2007 10:43 pm

i will never understand how the left can be educated, and at the same time, not understand basic economic truths.

for instance, wealth can be created. for instance, the economy can grow. for instance, less taxes ALWAYS results in tax revenue increases.

this is why i could never support a typical dem, b/c by and large, they reject these basic truths, and reject personal economic responsibility.

they demagogue kids medical insurance, medicare and medicaid, and social security, in the most cynical and hateful of ways.

how often have you heard this cannard?

'the gulf between the highest and lowest wage earners keeps growing.'

yeah, NO DUH! thats the sign of a SUCCESSFUL ECONOMY.

here's why thats a stupid point, one which can not be addressed and should not be addressed...

yes, it does grow, and it ALWAYS will grow in a healthy economy. why? b/c WEALTH aka THE ECONOMY ITSELF GROWS!!!

what this means is that there is more for EVERYONE to own, and so of course owners of capital will get richer. that alone explains it.

but here's the other important related point. the bottom of the scale ALSO RISES, and the bottom is redefined.

would anyone suggest that being poor in america today is no better than being poor in america 90 years ago? 60? 30?

no, thats because as the tide rises, (or as the economy grows) it lifts everything else with it, including the bottom tier.

but these kind of obvious truths mean nothing to dems, who would rather preach and appeal to helplessness, rather than to peoples inner desire to make the best of themselves.
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Unread postby ScottT » Tue Oct 16, 2007 1:29 am

What the hell are you talking about, MrSinatra????? Aren't you aware that when Bill Clinton was president, there were NO POOR PROPLE????

Really, it's TRUE! Why, Clinton even put an end to homeless people and AIDS. REALLY!!

And Jimmy Carter??? The world was an economic NIRVANA when he presided over things. Then along came that cold-hearted thug Reagan, and interest rates soared to nearly 20%, gas lines ran for blocks, unemployment went to double digits, and.......

Oops!!! :?
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