A Small Problem With Your Analysis

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A Small Problem With Your Analysis

Unread postby Leffty29 » Mon May 14, 2007 6:22 pm

Mr. Goldberg,
Throughout "Crazies...Wimps", you advocate small-government conservatism, the kind of government that lets you do what you want. Well, in you chapter about Muslim taxicab drivers in Minneapolis, I believe I have found an inconsistency in your philosophy.
In this chapter, you support the law passed by Minneapolis, requiring the taxicab drivers to pick up anyone who wants a ride, whether or not they are carrying alcoholic beverages. However, doesn't this directly contradict your libertarian philosophy of "live and let live"? Is it really the place of the government to tell taxicab drivers who to pick up in the cabs that they privately own? I understand that you are for equal rights, as I myself am as well; however, wouldn't a true libertarian say that the taxicab drivers should have the freedom to serve those they choose? What if a group of Christians or Jews had refused to serve people carrying alcoholic beverages? What if it had been a majority group or a powerful minority who had wanted to protect their religious values in their private business?
Although I generally agree with what you say in your new book, I believe, in this aspect, you have started to become one of those "wimps" on the right.
Of course, you won't necessarily agree with what I say here, and I certainly welcome your responses, objections, etc (email: Leffty29@aol.com).

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A Small Problem With Your Analysis



Unread postby Cortese » Mon May 14, 2007 8:26 pm

I know you were addressing Bernie but I'd like to ask a question. Although I cannot speak intelligently about Judaism, but when was the last time you heard of a Christian church ever refusing to help somebody in need? I'm not aware of any that wouldn't. At least none that preach the Gospel.

How far does one have to go to respect Islamic beliefs though? It seems that nobody is afraid to offend Christians or Jews. But possibly that's because Jews and Christians don't do things like this when they're offended:

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Unread postby Jeffreydan » Mon May 14, 2007 11:17 pm

Speaking for myself, I don't generally believe in government intervention. However, the situation needed addressing by someone, government or not.
The drivers at issue were abundant in number. They chose to work as taxi drivers, and wanted as their work territory a place where there's no shortage of available customers: a major airport. Likewise, the customers were breaking no laws. They weren't doing anything disrespectful. Their presence didn't do anything to offend, disrupt, or impede the natural operation of the airport.
For a person to have a fundamental opposition to carrying something, AND want to work in a job that is all about carrying, well that just won't work. And it was that sense of entitlement that forced someone to intervene. It was either that, or watch the airport's business (and local tourism in general) start a gradual decline.
There's excessive government, and then there's rational management of a functioning business.
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