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The War On America And Women

Unread postPosted: Mon Oct 20, 2014 2:13 am
by curleycue1
White Democrats can't depend on white America to win election, so criticizing President Obama who controls ninety percent of the black vote is not an option for a lot of Democrats who have no choice but to go along with the loons on the left, then you have Republicans who think the R next to their name stands for racist instead of Republican, so their terrified that a liberal media, who are nothing more then a bunch of closet racist, will label them a bigot if they dare to speak out against any policy that has any kind racial overtone, losing votes their that wern't going to get in the first place has to be a scary proposition for a lot of Republicans but why do single women and a lot of men think the Democrats are their savior, first as a condition to board a plane American citizens including children must be subjected to a violation of their dignity and their genitals by TSA agents who wears latex gloves which has to be a breeding ground for infectious diseases like Ebola because their is a possibly that they might be bringing explosives on a airplane, then homeland security which doesn't seem to mind getting personal with Americans turns around and refuses to put a travel ban on foreign Nationals from countries that are being plagued with Ebola, in addition to allowing illegal aliens who could be carrying Ebola and other diseases just walk across our southern border, have the Democrats just declared war on all Americans, next we have issues that must be really important to women, even though I can't understand why, first is a women's right to choose or a mans right to have sex without consequences depending how you look at it, the sixties were all about the sexual revolution and staying out of Vietnam, so how does abortion rights benefits women, men don't get pregnant so they also don't have to go through an abortion or find themselves shoving chemicals which could have long term effects into their body, the only thing that they had to worry about was getting a women pregnant, but with birth control readily available the chances of getting a women pregnant is greatly reduced, next is equality, their was a time that being a women had certain benefits and disadvantages, first women used to depend on men for their protection, but in todays world it's hard enough to get a guy to give up his seat on a bus or open a door for a women, let alone getting hurt or killed for a women you will never see again, their was also a time when men went off to work,while women stood home, took care of the house and the kids, now men and women both work, which I guess benefits the women, finally we have to talk about the draft, I know their are a lot of people out their who will say that their is no graft and our armed forces is currently voluntary, but even though their are laws which says that women can't be drafted,what will happen if a major war breaks out and the draft is reinstated, one thing we know from the war in Vietnam, their are a lot of men that aren't interested in dying for our country, so they would not complain if women go off to war while they stay home, on the other hand with women getting closer to the front lines and even being trained to be marines it would be pretty hard to say, I shouldn't be drafted and sent to the front lines just like then, so as a man I know how my gender as benefited from the feminist movement, but since the Democrats have been claim to be the saviors and protectors of women rights and since a majority of women vote for Democrats, they must be happy with the way America has changed and satisfied with the extra burden that has been placed on their shoulder. but if women are ok with the why Democrats have made life better for them,then I am too.

Re: The War On America And Women

Unread postPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2016 1:13 am
by Estil
I can't believe anyone is buying that "War on Women" crap. What they really mean is "War on Abortion on Demand". :P After all, those little babies are evil and they must be killed for the good of radical feminism! :roll: