Look out: Bernie Goldberg is back!

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Unread postby terrylynn » Fri Jun 22, 2007 11:40 am

dr_norm_chomsky wrote:
MrSinatra wrote:it always amazes me how liberals will attack someone personally and try to debase their character or attack their motives just b/c they break ranks and call them on their faults.

Yes, we all know that conservatives would never call anyone a traitor or anything like that.

Well my good Dr., I will say this:

Each side is guilty of saying things it should not. If you are truly an educated Dr, however, you cannot successfully argue the fact that the majority of name calling and subject shuffling is done by the Democratic party. Not one person on the planet does a better job of this than Mrs. Clinton at this time. She wouldn't hit an answer on target if she had a bow and arrow and needed to kill it for dinner.

As for the word traitor. Please note disloyal and subversive as meaningful synonyms among others. A lot of people are doing great harm to this country and are very aware of their actions. They are using the fact that the Republicans will not stand and fight, to promote their agenda of ownership. This country is not for sale. I am tired of the left trying to demonize words that are best used to describe the majority of them. They are behaving like traitors and should be noted as such, plain and simple.

You will not find me afraid to call it as I see it. Let's examine a few topics today, shall we:

1. Illegal Immigration: Why is it ok for illegals to cut in line ahead of people standing in line legally to obtain citizenship? Why should we reward them with amnesty? Are we going to include those already in line legally in this amnesty program? Why should we be willing to accept people who have clearly demonstrated a distain for our laws and principals? Why are Mexican illegals demanding we learn their language when they come here? I guess if they were remotely educated they would understand the meaning of assimilation. The process of legal immigration is for the benefit of the immigrants so they can better assimilate into our society and have the tools for productivity so they do not have to work for $1 an hour. The argument that they take the jobs we do not want is true. We will not work for unfair wages and as long as they keep coming here illegally, they will continue to get what they deserve....nothing, and the employers will continue to exploit them. The illigals do tremendous harm to this country.

2. Iraq War: The Democrats and Hollywood are killing our troops. They are fighting for their lives and do not have the full support of the government that sent them to war in the first place. It is very simple: Do not use the lives of our troops to promote your pathetic agenda that does nothing more than enable you to make more money. They took an oath to support his country and stand behind the President, no matter who is in office. Anything other than that is criminal. There are ways of addressing likes and dislikes about policies. Those ways do not include holding press conferences touting how the war is aready lost on the local newspapers where our troops can see it. They have such little regard for anyone but themsleves it is sickening. Traitor, my friend, is an excellent description and right on target.

3. Abortion: I am for a woman's right to choose. She can choose birth control, condoms, or the other many contraceptives on the market today. Women just don't wake up pregnant. They have a choice to protect themselves and choose not to do so. If every woman would simply exercise a little grey matter, the abortion rate would drop by 90% overnight. Men, if you rely on the woman to guard against pergnany and disease, you are just as stupid as the women. Abortion has a 50 - 50 factor. They don't get pregnant by themsleves. Rape, incest, and some other cases, of course need to be dealt with, but the majority of abortions are due to stupidity and lack of personal accountability and responsibilty. period.

People are really beginning to see what is going on and stepping up. You will no longer find that the citizens of the United States are willing to be kept in poverty, forced onto a government health care system, pay more taxes, be politically correct, stand for no accountability, or allow fear to run our lives as if we have no options. Do you think it is a coincidence that the wealthy Democrats have the full support or the most uneducated and poor people in this country. The Democrats do nothing but tout how they stand for the working man and how they are always fighting to improve their lives. One question: After all these decades of promise after promise, why are they still poor and uneducated?

Ok, I feel better now and can continue with my day. :) But in closing remember this:

Patrick Henry: “Let us trust God, and our better judgment to set us right
hereafter. United we stand, divided we fall. Let us not split into factions
which must destroy that union upon which our existence hangs"
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Real Life Julianne Malveaux.aka ..Malovent

Unread postby edwin bukont » Mon Jul 23, 2007 8:11 pm

I am about 1/2 way through the book. I have called friends and told them to READ THIS BOOK,,,HE speaks as you and I do. And now, on page 112, I find something I can even reply to. For your next book, here are some tidbits about Ms. Malovent. First, in @ 1995, Ms. Malovent's show originated at the studios of WPFW/Pacifica Radio in Washington DC. I happen to provide some technical services to that station. On this occassion, the show was being simulcast on either CSPAN or CNN, I forget which. In any event, I was there to make sure that the TV folks had proper audio. At one point, Ms. Malovent pressed the talk back button to the studio and asked of her producer "Tony, why do I have to have all these white people in my studio?" I looked around. I was the only white person in either the studio or the control room. Tony looked at me and said "she can not possibly mean you." But she did mean me. I had never spoken to her before, during, nor since. And I never will, at least not in a civil tone. She treated me exactly as a slave owner would treat the servant. Now who is being the slave owner? Who is the slave? And what are the respective colors of their skin? Now who is the racist, sexist, bigot? When you point a finger at me, four point back at you. Second, flipping through channels one day, I happened upon an editor's forum on which Ms. Malovent was speaking. I said to me wife,,"listen to her, I bet her next sentence will blame white folks for something". My wife said "we just turned it on, how can you say that? And Ms. Malovent did as I suspected...to my delight and my wife's surprise. Finally, there is the limo driver, a older black man, native of Washington DC, who asked her to leave his limo and get another driver...I wont repeat why, its too vulgar. As the gentleman said to me, "I have never been talked to that way by any woman, I certainly would not call her a lady but I might call her a whore." Three stories, all true, yet you never hear Al Sharpton talking about this biggoted woman.
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Unread postby terrylynn » Mon Jul 23, 2007 9:10 pm

You will rarely hear something from someone that does not support their theory.

I must say though, there is nothing more joyous, and yet somewhat sad, than to watch someone, whose stature depends on their version of one sided facts, tumble and fall upon the slightest hint of opposition to which they are not pepared to answer.
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Re: Look out: Bernie Goldberg is back!

Unread postby RBlakeH » Mon Feb 01, 2010 11:04 pm

Bernie, I don't know if this is where I should respond or not, however, your comment on O'Reilly tonight was as wrong as wrong can get. I don't give a rats behind if Resident Obama puts bird crap on his burger, that is his business. But when the left attacked Quale on his spelling and had comments on every word George pronounced incorrectly then his errors are fair game and very much open for discussion. A man that is running to be in control of the greatest nation of the world should know how many states are in it. So I don't know how many "Right wing nut cases" will respond but your analogy stunk. Differing tastes on a sandwich are not the same as making an ass of yourself by misstating your knowledge on the job you are running for that is highly visible to the world.
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