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Unread postby Japanklet » Sun Apr 25, 2010 12:27 am

My name is Japanklet. I’ve been posting here since March 28. I have been trying to attract new members so that the board will grow.

But many of them will not stay—and many old members are deciding to leave—because all your administrators and moderators have abandoned the board.

Here’s the current status of your entire administrative team . . .

Board Administrators:
* Admin — hasn’t posted since June 23, 2009.
* Bgold — has never posted.

Board Moderators:
* Raynor — has never posted.
* Mr. Sinatra — hasn’t posted since August 11, 2009.
* Tiffany — hasn’t posted since August 31, 2009.
* WeaponsOfMassInstruction — hasn’t posted since March 20, 2010.
* Bob Hyneman — hasn’t posted since August 31, 2009.
* Purrlions — hasn’t posted since December 23, 2008.

There are no other administrators or moderators.

We are in desperate need of a new administrative staff, at least one member of which will be present at all times. They need to have the ability to:

(1) answer questions and resolve conflicts
(2) edit, move and delete individual posts
(3) edit, move and delete threads
(4) appoint new moderators and demote others
(5) ban and un-ban members

Right now, we can’t protect new or old members from obscene, threatening or otherwise repulsive posts.

People who come here expect to see a top-quality message board. They expect it to be every bit as classy and as top-notch as your books, columns, speeches and TV appearances. Instead, they are finding a board that is falling apart from neglect.

Those of us who enjoy thoughtful and informative political discussions are trying our best to keep the mature and intelligent members from leaving. But unless we have an active administrative staff, we’re fighting a losing battle.

Please help us as soon as you can.

In an effort to attract your attention, I’m going to put a copy of this post on every available forum, and I will bump it to the top every day until we receive word that you have seen it.

Thank you.

Note: To cut down on screen clutter on my tiny monitor, my computer is set to block all pictures that appear in the signatures of other posters. Because of that, I cannot see them nor comment on them. Thanks.—Japanklet
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