Liberal Fascism

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Liberal Fascism

Unread postby JIMBO86 » Wed Feb 25, 2009 2:02 pm

sDear Mr. Goldberg:

You are 100% correct when you say wimps to the right. If what happened to me had occurred against a liberal, protest and support would abound for him. Instead I have been left out to dry by fellow: :twisted: conservatives, republicans and true liberals (as oppossed to liberal fascists).

The primary reason I am writing you today is I need some help in dealing with the liberals in Cherry Hill, NJ.
It’s bad enough that anyone who is not a liberal in the public school system is viewed upon as a sub-human ogre, but now it has cost me my job.

I will explain.

On Friday February 6th, 2009 I was working at Rosa Middle School, part of the Cherry Hill, NJ School district.

During homeroom I had a joint duty with a long-term sub.
She had told me that she used to work in social services and could not take it anymore.
She stated, “That the people would come in, not really want any help, get their checks and buy drugs with it.”

I warned her to watch what she says “around here’ because most of these teachers are liberals.
I also gave her my famous quote “liberals are tolerant of everything except a difference of opinion, so beware."
We were both very careful not to let the students hear what we were saying.

On my lunch period I was called down to the Principal’s office. As I arrived I noticed that a campus police officer, whom I have never seen in the office before, was present.
I was interrogated by Principal Ed Canzanese and Vice Principal Ted Frynkewicz

The principal claimed that some of the students from homeroom, (which they call reflections), overheard me say something about liberals and that they were upset.

I replied that “There is no way they could have heard us talking; taking into consideration the distance they were from us, the volume at which we spoke, and the level of noise in the room.”

Furthermore, I did not say anything derogatory or offensive. He replied that I may not have thought what I said was not offensive. I countered with “I am a grown man and I know when something is actually offensive or derogatory.

The principal also said that I had stated that “Republicans do not have a chance in this town.”
I replied that I do not remember saying that, but it is true. I also said that I couldn’t believe that you are even questioning me about this. I stated that I thought this was ridiculous; and what I said to Robin (the other teacher) was a private conversation.

(I even offered the principal an olive branch and said I would not sub in his school but I did not want to be hurt for the entire district.)
I was asked to leave the building, which I again replied that I could not believe this.

The campus police followed me as I gatherer my belongings and left the building.

I felt like I was in Russia.

It is really bad in the public schools down here. Their agenda is completely one sided and most of the history classes are revisionary.

I have hence been unofficially fired.

Any help or assistance you can lend will be greatly appreciated.
I sincerely hope that you can help me.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

Yours truly,

Jim C

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Liberal Fascism



Re: Liberal Facism

Unread postby MrSinatra » Wed Feb 25, 2009 5:27 pm

please don't doublepost.
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steve1633 wrote:if you havent realized yet that pp posts offer little in the way of intelligent discourse then youre dumber than i suspected, if its just easier to argue with someone like her then ya go ahead keep it up.
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