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Comments on Crazies & Wimps (Re: Mineta, Rather, & K

Unread postby Coolabah » Tue Jul 29, 2008 5:45 pm


I just finished reading your book "Crazies to the Left of Me, Wimps to the
Right" and you got it right! You could have titled your book "Somebody's Gotta Say It", but Neal Boortz must have beaten you to it.

Some supplemental information and comments for you:

1) Starting on page 147, you discuss DOT Secretary Mineta's refusal to impose profiling. Next time you encounter him, ask him why American citizens (of Japanese ancestry) would spy against the United States in war.

The REAL reason for FDR's Executive Order 9066 was that the west coast was populated by HUNDREDS of Japanese-Americans functioning as SPIES for Imperial Japan! As a result of our cracking the Japanese codes, we were reading the communications between the spies and Tokyo. See "MAGIC - The Untold Story of U.S. Intelligence and the Evacuation of the Japanese Residents from the West Coast During WW II", by David D. Lowman, 2000, ISBN 0-9602736-1-1. Transcripts of many of the spies' and Tokyo's messages are included in the book.

The arrest of the spies would have signaled to the Japanese that we had broken the codes, and resulted in our intelligence services being blinded. Immediately following our victory at Midway (4-6 June), on 7 June 1942, The Chicago Tribune published an article headlined "Navy Had Word of Jap Plan to Strike at Sea." Subsequently, the Japaneses altered their code JN-25, and we were blinded. See "The American Magic - Codes, Ciphers and The Defeat of Japan", by Ronald Lewin, 1982, ISBN 0-374-10417-4, Chapter 5, pages 112-127.

See also the 20 March 2004, column of Les Kinsolving
( ... E_ID=37671) where he exposes the fraud committed upon the Congress and the American People in the reparations paid to interred Japanese-Americans.

2) Dan Rather (page 209) - Over time, I was watching Dan Rather on the CBS Evening News less and less, but he lost me completely on election night, 7 November 2000. Here's the scenario as I best remember it: Throughout the evening, the vote count in Florida had switched back and forth several times between Bush or Gore being the projected winner of the state, and hence the Presidency. When it switched to Bush, for what was the last time that evening (at approximately midnight, Pacific time), Rather uttered the words, "We've lost!". What do you mean "WE"? Do you have something in your pocket? He obviously meant him and Algore. You may have access to TV broadcast archives and be able to confirm for yourself that such an utterance occurred. It went by so fast, I was stunned!

3) Mike Wallace's interview with Ayatollah Khomeini (page 217) - Is it not true that after Wallace repeated Sadat's characterization of the Ayatollah as being "a disgrace to Islam" and "a lunatic" that Sadat was assassinated? Also, the general perception in the West was that the Ayatollah had ordered it? Has anyone asked Wallace how he felt having precipitated Sadat's assassination?

Great book! Keep up the good work! I enjoy hearing your comments on FOX's Hannity & Colmes show.
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