A Rational Approach to Abortion

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A Rational Approach to Abortion

Unread postby fertile1 » Mon Feb 06, 2017 6:50 am

Perhaps we can start by agreeing that sex is fun and that abortion and childbirth are anything but.

Somehow this simple truth has been caught up in some very serious discussions about a woman’s right to choose.

My friend of longest standing in New York responded to my query of how Jews could support Obama’s obviously limp defense of Israel by asking how I could support a candidate who presumed to tell her what to do with her body.

More recently, a much newer friend challenged my right as a gay man to appreciate the agony that females face when confronted with an unwanted pregnancy.

Interestingly, both women live on the same street on the upper West Side of Manhattan, but do not know each other. Interesting, but irrelevant.

To my rational mind, for which I give thanks every day, there is absolutely no reason why the right to life/choice factions cannot come to an accommodation.

First, we must reject the extremism of religious fanatics. The notion that a fertilized egg is a life from conception is as silly as the notion that a horny, masturbating teenager is engaged in genocide. On the other hand, we must condemn as equally irresponsible a late-term abortioner who has decided that her latest bar pick-up would just as soon proceed with the affair without the encumbrance of a child. Lots of issues in between.

All of this would be troublesome were it not for the aggressive availability of avoidance.

First, crossed legs. Works every time. Hurt feelings perhaps, but no babies.

Second, pills, diaphragms, and condoms. All affordable without public support.

Third, early vigilance and abortion if prompt. I really don’t think it’s asking too much of a woman to be conscious that a potentially viable LIFE is percolating within her.

I believe that requiring a woman to observe via a Sonogram, the horror of a late-term abortion, would be very useful in eradicating the notion that late-term abortions are anything other than murder.

Let’s dig a bit into the concept of choice, the cornerstone of freedom. Free people can choose; slaves cannot. But the right to choose does not extend to choosing to harm others. But for reasons that I simply can’t fathom, pro-choice women evidence an inability to acknowledge the very existence of the “other.” Arguments eventually evolve into exercises in self-absorption. “It’s MY body” is the mantra that precludes all further discussion.

But ladies, at a certain point—let’s have the docs tell us when—it’s not just YOUR body. You have a tenant in your house and it’s not okay to kill it just because you’re the owner.

A few qualifications:

A late developing and unanticipated challenge to the life of the mother is clearly a justification for a late-term abortion. A change of heart is not such a challenge.

Rape and incest. These events can usually be detected early on, so there is no reason to invoke these justifications after the first stages of pregnancy.

Gay or Republican fetus. Obviously a justification for abortion at any point.
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A Rational Approach to Abortion



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