Inaugural Antics

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Inaugural Antics

Unread postby fertile1 » Wed Dec 21, 2016 11:45 am

Inauguration Antics

Now that it’s settled, as if as of 11/9 it was not, that Trump will be the 45th President of the United States, a silly subsidiary issue has arisen as to which show business personalities will or will not be part of the inaugural festivities.

With verbal sloppiness, there’s talk of a show biz “boycott.” This is defensible if we’re talking about the right to observe or not observe the show. But the real thrust of the “boycott” issue is the encouraged refusal of show biz personalities to perform at it.

For starters, let’s acknowledge that one cannot refuse a role that has not been offered. There was a report that Andrea Bocelli alone falls into the category of a refuser, but now it seems that there is considerable confusion about how the Bocelli deal came about and was ended.

I would suggest that show biz be dealt with on its own terms. Post a call for auditions to perform at the Inaugural and ask for submissions of resumes and headshots. It’s a prestigious and widely exposed gig, so there will be no shortage of applicants. Some will be rejected because they’re too old, too ugly, or too imperious, but I’m sure there will be an abundance of viable talent from which to choose.

In the highly unlikely event that the applicants for auditions are insufficient, just lose the entertainment altogether. After all, the inauguration, especially this one, is a very serious, transformative, and auspicious event. It might be refreshing to reflect upon its historic significance without the tap dancing.
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Inaugural Antics



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