Grapes Not Only Sour But Silent

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Grapes Not Only Sour But Silent

Unread postby fertile1 » Tue Dec 20, 2016 9:09 am

When Will the Left Critique the Left?

Despite petitions, bribes, a celebrity video, a media blitz, and strong-arm threats, the Electoral College has performed its proper function, and now it is conclusively clear that Donald Trump will be the totally legitimate next president of the United States. Great day in the morning!

Let’s analyze these efforts to derail the electoral and democratic process:

Petition: What a joke. Does anyone seriously believe that thousands of the disappointed would not sign a petition? I’m surprised only that so few did.

Bribes: Only know of one, by the physically overfed, but politically and intellectually undernourished Michael Moore. Most electoral delegates proved that they cannot be bought and therefore shamed the briber. Remember the grief Trump suffered when he, in an offhand remark, offered to pay the fine of some of his more vociferous supporters at a rally? Oh well, intellectual consistency has never been a strong point of liberals.

Celebrity video: Nice to see how old favorites, some of whom can actually be remembered, have aged in their career dotage. Martin Sheen, not exactly Father of the Year, couldn’t manage to get even the gender of one of his subjects right. If they needed any further evidence that their political views are of absolutely no interest to thinking persons, they have it now.

Media Blitz: Of course, the Quixotic effort to have a second bite of the already eaten apple is a big story. It’s so bizarre. The more coverage the better. It only exposes and emphasizes the desperate disappointment of the defeated.

Strong-arm tactics: Here the left has really dropped the ball. I have yet to hear a leftist voice condemning in no uncertain terms obscene physical threats against those who would have the audacity to perform their electoral duties. Have these “defenders” of free speech and dissenting opinions no shame in their hypocrisy?

But in the end, all’s well that ends well. The Obamas and the Clintons are gone. The way forward is gloriously clear, and although many may have chosen a different horse, in view of the alternative, most are more than happy to ride this legitimately chosen champion into a freer future.
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Grapes Not Only Sour But Silent



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