The Individual v. The Collective

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The Individual v. The Collective

Unread postby fertile1 » Tue Nov 29, 2016 7:58 am

Individualism and Collectivism

It’s become increasingly clear to me that a major virus threatening U.S. political discourse and analysis is the developing conflict between focusing on individuals or on groups.

Examples of collectivist distortions abound. Does any thinking being believe that Donald Trump stated that all Mexican imports were criminals? And yet that meme is repeated throughout the channels of the MSM as absolute truth.

Fidel Castro croaks, finally, and some collectivist, a thankfully temporary resident in the White House, states that “history” will assess the guy. It would have been more intellectually ethical for him to follow in the very tiny footsteps of Justin Trudeau and defend the dictator. But that would have involved dealing with the individual, which is anathema to Obama.

Sean Hannity, a seriously flawed representative of conservatives, posed as his “question of the day”: Do you think that Democrats are sore losers? Could there be any greater lure to embrace collectivism?

The individualistic approach would be rational: Of course some Dems are sore losers. My emails and social media posts are full of their hysterical flailings. But other Dems are less dim. They accept the election results as I have done during the past Obama victories. They do not delve into dementia by futile and fetid pleas for funds to deny the reality that the U.S. has finally found a fresh new voice. They also recognize the comic irony of Ms. Stein leading the charge against a result that her own feeble efforts played a role in producing.
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The Individual v. The Collective



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