Last Hopes for 2016

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Last Hopes for 2016

Unread postby fertile1 » Tue Nov 08, 2016 6:42 am

Thanks so much for your message. I'm very pleased that you're interested in my "take" on today's happenings.

I want to respond before the polls open in the U.S.

You're quite right about my disdain for Hillary Clinton. In assessing a candidate, I think the most relevant criteria are qualifications, record, and character. On paper, Clinton is the more qualified, but on the other two, I find her woefully deficient.

Political leaders are frequently faced with a choice between honesty and expediency. Clinton doesn't give the choice a second thought. She's proven herself time after time to be allergic to the truth.

I never imagined that Trump would survive the primary process. I think that several other Republicans would have been stronger contenders for the throne. His political mistakes along the way have been serious and numerous. Yet his personality has, almost mysteriously, tapped into something in the American consciousness that wants a break from a collectivist political system that seems almost frozen in time. There is also something about Trump that makes one feel that he would not lie to the public if given the responsibility of representing it.

Also, the public cannot imagine a Trump supporter saying that she is "entitled" to the presidency, as Bill Clinton claimed. This remark betrays a total misunderstanding not only of American politics, but also the American way of life.

As one who writes plays and novels, I am sensitive to the difference between genuine and artificial expressions of thoughts and ideas. From day one, Trump expresses his real personality--strong, brash, and generously infused with a genuine sense of humor. Ms. Clinton, on the other hand goes from strident, to a kind of false aspirant breathlessness, to an ethnic pronunciational sloppiness that she has clearly learned from Obama. For me it's truth versus falsity. I'd cast Trump; I'd send Hillary back to school for reeducation.

Ivor Novello wrote a wonderful song, "It's Bound To Be Right on the Night." So I'm hoping, admittedly against the latest odds, that the U.S. escapes into a future that is admittedly uncertain, but shows more promise than continuing the retrogression that the U. S. has been living under for the last eight years.
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Last Hopes for 2016



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