Third Presidential Debate

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Third Presidential Debate

Unread postby fertile1 » Thu Oct 20, 2016 10:41 am

Observations on the Third Presidential Debate

Clinton, as usual, showed evidence of strong preparation, but not absorption. She referred to her notes more or less constantly, whereas Trump rarely glanced at his. Clinton was like an actor who is struggling with characterization and is not yet off-book. For this to be the case given the length and intensity of her rehearsal period is disquieting at best. Clinton doesn’t seem to possess the strong memory that is an indispensable tool of the congenital liar.

However, no one is Clinton’s equal in uttering patently false statements with a straight face.She's be a whiz at poker My favorites were her concluding desire to reach out to all people (have the deplorables been washed in the water?) and her bemoaning Soviet espionage in the face of how her illegal email practices facilitated it.

Clinton was at her most self-righteous when comparing her CV with that of Trump. The low public approval of government would seem to indicate that most would regard building buildings, creating jobs, and providing public entertainment is more noble than figuring out how much she can rake off her spending of other people’s money.

She made the point that she was in the Situation Room when Obama made the decision to go after OBL. Did she forget where that room was situated during the Benghazi attack?

According to the CNN pundits, Trump stumbled on three occasions:

Calling felons “hombres” Political correctness in full flower.

Refusing to pre-approve the election result. I don’t understand the fuss on this one. It is standard procedure for politicians and businessmen to refuse to comment on hypotheticals. Indeed, doing so is a sign of intellectual weakness. Trump did the same during the first primary debate and it clearly did him no harm.

I wouldn’t have interjected the comment about Hillary being nasty. It was ungallant and, more important, a superfluous statement of the obvious.
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Third Presidential Debate



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