Micheal Savage should be cut from The List.

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Micheal Savage should be cut from The List.

Unread postby riderreddig » Mon Jul 09, 2007 12:59 am

I listen to Michael Savage for about an hour of each day. The reason why i only listen to him for an hour is because he, as he often admits, is a very emotional man and his emotions do usually impede the facts he reveals. His blatant attacks of people makes me doubt that i will ever call into his show. But can you blame the guy. He may give liberals ammunition and cause to denounce conservatives as emotional religious fundamentalists but i believe he represents the average American much more than Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh. Everyday the average American hears something in the news or sees somethings going on his or her community that just makes him or her irate. We always hear or see something that just makes us so furious that we bang on a desk or begin cursing in manners that many family members or neighbors wouldn't recognize. So for this reason i don't believe that Savage should be on The List, even though i do like the author Michael Savage much more than the Radio Host Michael Savage.
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Micheal Savage should be cut from The List.



Unread postby ScottT » Wed Oct 10, 2007 12:06 am


I appreciate your thoughts, and unlike many who listen to Michael Weiner (his REAL name), you are refreshingly objective.

But Weiner DOES belong on the list. He is a vile huckster, and even worse.......he's a liar.

Michael Alan Weiner is NOT a conservative. If anything, he's a subversive leftist who was once an anti-war San Francisco hippie who adolized communists like Allen Ginsberg and druggys like Dr. Timothy Leary. Everything about him is a pseudonym-----from his name to his core political views.

In short, his whole "schtick" is nothing but a reinvention of himself in order to make money. He saw what Rush did for AM radio, and decided that unlike Rush, he didn't need core principles to make a profit. So he created an "alter-ego" with a phony name & a phony ideology.

He is a "pseudo-conservative", nothing more. Mark Levin (who, like Rush & Hannity is authentic) hit the nail on the head with Weiner------he's Ross Perot with a microphone and bi-polar disorder.

More directly, he's a FRAUD.

If you're not convinced, consider who Weiner financially supported, campaigned for, and voted for in 2006 for Attorney General of the state of California: A career moonbat leftist, Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown!

Keep "Weiner Nation" in perspective, riderreddig. He's the same kook who went on the air the night Saddam Hussein was to be hanged and suggested that his execution was being expidited by the Bush administration in order to prevent Saddam from "disclosing" that people like Donald Rumsfeld (and apparently Ronald Reagan) were complicit in conspiring with him to commit "mass murder".

I'm not making that up, riderreddig. Go check his archives, and you'll hear him say it. It's the same kind of vile trash you'd hear come from the mouth of an "Air America" radio host.

"Weiner Nation" is as much a self-proclaimed "real conservative" as Gene Simmons is a "real vampire". The difference is that Simmons actually ADMITS that his stage show is just an act!

People like Rush & Levin pick boogers out of their noses that have more conservative credibility than a phony hack like "Weiner Nation".
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