100 People Who are Screwing up America

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100 People Who are Screwing up America

Unread postby cmgroff » Mon Apr 11, 2011 8:17 pm

Added comments about the book:

Page 267, Noam Chomsky. Calling the U.S. "a leading terrorist state" is insulting. It is trying to be the next British Empire, however. Short list of countrys we have "helped", Guatemala, El Salvador, Phillipines, Kuwait, Chile, Colombia, Graneda, Cuba). Can anyone tell me why we have military bases in Germany of all places? I thought the cold war was over.

Page 275, students disobedience training. Crazy idea. Through the voucher program, each parent could decide to send their child to this program, or not.

Page 280, gay marriage. Bernie, you have to remember we live in a Republic, not a democracy. If 50.1 per cent of the people wanted to pass a law that violated our rights, we would not let them do it. The Constitution states that anything not mentioned in the Constitution should be left up to the states. It is a states rights issue.

Page 284, Jimmy Carter. One of the worst presidents in history. But to chastise him for coming out against the Gulf War is ridiculous. Call the first Bush Administration`s Gulf War policy "ultimately successful". He successfully got us into the war, but what else was achieved? Protecting a country where half the population(women) do not have the right to vote or drive a car? "W"s war was based on "lies and misrepresentations". Jimmy Carter should make the list, but not because of these statements.

Page 289, Freedom. Remember Bernie what Franklin said," Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
My list is a list of two. No. 2, "W", 3 trillion defecit, wars in Iraq and Afganistan. No. 1, Obama, 13 trillion defecit, wars with Iraq, Afganistan(and who know where`s next)
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100 People Who are Screwing up America



Re: 100 People Who are Screwing up America

Unread postby Jeffreydan » Tue Apr 12, 2011 2:12 am


It'd probably be more fitting to just include an additional comment like this with the previous post, using the 'edit' option.

Just a suggestion for future reference, and welcome to the site BTW.
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