100 People Who are Screwing up America

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100 People Who are Screwing up America

Unread postby cmgroff » Mon Apr 11, 2011 7:50 pm

Great book, a few problems. Page 102, about David Duke. Crazy racist. He is parcially correct about our support of Israel. Israel was set up by the United Nations. We should trade with Israel(and the rest of the world) but we SHOULD NOT get involved in Middle East problems. Nor should we get involved in problems in the rest of the world. We are NOT the world`s caretaker! By saying that the world trade center bombings were not caused by our involvement in the Middle East is to overlook the reality of it. The World Trade Center bombings were one of the worst events in the history of the world. Without our envolvement in the Middle East, we would not have been a target. Bombings have happened in the U.S., England and Spain. All countries that have sent "help"(i.e. troops).

Page 152, democracy in Iraq. It should not be our concern if there is democracy in Iraq. IT IS NOT OUR COUNTRY! Arab countries need to work out there our soluctions.

Page 155, teachers teaching our kids PC crap. Easy solution. School vouchers. Giving the parents a real voice in their childrens education.

Page 182, illegal aliens and biligual education. Everybody should be able to work and live in the world as long as they do not trample the rights of anyone else. Let the illegal aliens work here legally(and pay taxes). As for bilingual education, god forbid that we learn more that one language!

Page 192, the president misleading us. If you believe that our politicians will not mislead us, you must live in la-la land. Putting someone on the list for saying that our president will mislead us is rediculous.

Page 235, the pledge of allegiance. The father should not have to make this decision. He should have the choice to send his child to whatever school he wants though a voucher type program.

Page 252, out of hand lawsuits. Easy solution. Adopt a British type system. If you lose a lawsuit, you pay the other parties legal fees.

Page 255, Ted Rall. Outrageous comments. It should be noted that Pat Tillman died in a unjustified war. After he was killed the government lied to his family about how he was killed. Not much difference between Ted Rall and the federal government.
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100 People Who are Screwing up America



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