Osama Obama: America Braces for Round 2

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Osama Obama: America Braces for Round 2

Unread postby VectorSpaceMan » Thu Dec 31, 2009 12:30 pm

America holds on for the second round with Barack Hussein 'Osama' Obama and his We are The World Task Force of MultiDiversity Let's divide and conquer America by race or by hate, anyway we can, to win 'Deep in the Heart' of Chicago, D.C. Democrats who continue to bash Bush II and want to turn this country into an incestual cesspool of lawless, clueless, valueless losers who depend on Communist bond buyers and endless negotiations with some of history's most corrupt, illigitimate and repressive human rights violators.

His proxy armys at CNN, MSNBC, CBS, PBS, ABC are all losing, 'big time'. They come off as a bunch of washed out, worn out, wasted, over the hill, failed script writers for The New David Letterman Show.

We've got something that will be warm deep in his heart - political incendiary rounds known as voters.

I hope the GOP can politically castrate him before next Christmas.

I mean, having to watch a bunch of gays and lesbians with their, God Help Them, adopted children hunting Easter eggs on the White House Lawn.

Why not just call it the Rainbow House? I'm surprised he has not called on Congress to do just that, change the (racist) name of the White House.

The only good news is that Revs. Sharpton, Jackson and Wright have been out of our living rooms because they have nobody to hate in the 'Rainbow House'.

After buying Senators with bailouts, mollyfying the Twin Towers of Entertainment, Hollywood and NYC, with his catcalls against the former President, convincing the terrorist enemy we want to talk, stroking the beligerant, criminal, unelected egotesticular Chinese and finally proceeding to sell out Americas doctors and patients with doctoral level government bureacracy and rules and regulations he is preparing a full court, ACLU run blitzkrieg against the American family in 2010.

His protection of a failed educational system, that wants to level our childrens minds into worshipping a monolithic system where none need to think just follow the protected rainbow collective to get along, his protection of unions who overwhelmingly loved his socialist programs including government run auto, bank and healthcare systems and pro illegal immigration stance (All 9 of the Democratic hopefuls said they would not complete a secure border with our warm, coke snorting, human smugglings friends to the south who have taken down the world's 8 largest economy, and his traitorous acts against the national security interests of the United States point to a walloping, crushing, record breaking defeat in November.

I am afraid of my own President - never thought I'd have to say that, and that alone should frighten you . At least I have to guts to still call him 'my president' unlike the sucker punchers from the Twin Towers of Entertainment and the Vast Left Bureaucracy. America is AFRAID of this president. It should be. This guy thinks he's going to play basketball, golf and hang out in Hawaii while the Congress takes all the tension and heat. Well, guess what? They've just blown a major gasket, the fuse has been lit and the plug will shortly be pulled on his Congress.

After the way he has treated the former minority, he should not expect any sympathy from the new blood about to enter the lions arena next year.

Happy New Year, Mr. President!
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Osama Obama: America Braces for Round 2



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