Destroyed American Values : Lou Dobbs, for President

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Destroyed American Values : Lou Dobbs, for President

Unread postby VectorSpaceMan » Sun Dec 27, 2009 6:30 pm



It is not only a far-left wing media which is to blame for the crass, crude and clueless culture in which we now must attempt to 'live', or just survive, decently.

What about 13 million illegal aliens? They've decimated the Golden State and. Every courthouse, public school, prison and ER. That, my friends, is only one state.

Lou Dobbs, for President.

Muslim Terrorists? They've already destroyed our open society.

Lou Dobbs, for President.

Wall Street Invaders? They've shipped trillions to build up Shanghai and Abu Dabi, gutting investment in America.

Lou Dobbs, for President.

How about the Communist Chinese Government? When was they last time that (3,000 year) old country had an election?

Lou Dobbs, for President.

I agree that Olberman, Scheiffer, Press and Moyers all, each, every one, are America Haters..

Because they are each traitorous and disloyal to this country, the one that I love, called America.

But the list goes far beyond Hollywood and New York City's elitist media machines..

The west coast has taken a full tilt dive stuffed with swanky Casinos stretching from San Diego to Seattle..

Casinos run a 24/7/365 Ponzi Scheme against American Workers..

Quoting Joe Friday : "Gambling joints attract a motley group of conmen, hookers and addicts trying to make a big score".

Public school teachers? They've taught our youth that America is the enemy, that we must get along with terrorists and illegal aliens and give them full rights and access to all of our services, that killing your babies is constitutional and a right, that men should be able to marry other men and the same for women..beginning from Grade 1 !

And don't forget the judges who let child molesters loose, among other hideous acts.

It'll never be perfect, but we need someone who really cares about America, and is willing to do everything they can to protect, foster and support it - not tear it down.

That's why I say, Lou Dobbs for President. America needs him.
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Destroyed American Values : Lou Dobbs, for President



Re: Destroyed American Values : Lou Dobbs, for President

Unread postby Superhorn » Sat Mar 05, 2011 12:30 pm

From your rant here Vector Spaceman, you are obvioulsy just another of those ignorant right-wing
American yahoos who think that right-wingers have a monopoly on patriotism and that any one who is even slightly less conservative than Archie Bunker must automaticvally be a wicked,atheistic, socialist,communist and Marxist out to destroy America.
Sheesh , you make Atilla the Hun, Genghis Khan and Tamerlane look liberal.
To say that Bill Moyers and Bill Press etc hate America is just plain laughable.
Or Obama, Pelosi,Reid, etc,like them or not.
You are just one of those Neanderthal ignoramuses who want to "take America back"- yes,right back to the
Stone Age. And it's an insult to the original Neanderthals to call you one of them,because they were no doubt much more intelligent than you. What rock did you just crawl out of ?

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