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Unread postby kobennett » Mon Sep 03, 2007 8:17 pm

MrSinatra wrote:
kobennett wrote:It's not nonsense. I know you can cite many examples of the left being angry and I can counter with many examples of the right sounding angry.
My point is it's condescending to myself and others on the left to be labeled as angry. Deal with each issue rather than the broad stereotypes.
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MrSinatra wrote:the right very rarely starts angry, the left very often starts angry

That's your opinion.

MrSinatra wrote:if the left provokes the right, is that the rights fault?

No of course not but what about the reverse. Cheney says the terrorists would like a democrat in office. You may agree with that but if the charge was leveled at you you'd be justifiably pissed off. It goes both ways.

MrSinatra wrote:all too often, the right wants to talk about the issues, while the left wants to talk about feelings...

for instance, i hear many on the right talking about illegal immigration, an issue that needs dealt with, and all the left does is label the right bigots and talk in meaningless platitudes about "comprehensive reform" without any details, but sure to make it seem as if any against that are somehow anti-hispanic.

Again you use the broad brush to tar anyone on the left. The President himself disagrees with Tom Tancredo. He hasn't called him a bigot and neither has most dems. Please stick to the issues and not the sweeping generalizations and I will do the same. Oh and by the way the idea of comprehensive reform is championed by Pres. Bush so I guess he must be one of those liberals.
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Unread postby Cortese » Tue Sep 04, 2007 5:49 am


You're right, DemPlans was a good debater that's for sure. I wish he'd come back because I did learn a few things from him. Well, back to work today. :cry:
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