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Femme Fatales

Unread postby WeAreAlreadyThere » Mon Feb 22, 2016 7:33 pm

Great. Robert Gates, strikes again.

Mommy is going to kill the bad guys for us.

Gays, women, transgendered men and transgendered women, devout Muslims, good Buddhists - all according to his president, Barack Hussein Obama. An army of mixed religions and languages and sexual preferences may sound good in a legal lecture at Harvard Law School, but it will not work on a foreign battlefield. It has never been tried, and it is a gamble. It is a risk. It is already failing today, we are losing everywhere. We are risking America for a political goal that is unattainable for the following reasons.

How many women, that you know personally, can handle 90mm artillery rounds, fire .30 Browning Automatic Machine Guns, replenish and reset RPM's, or drive an Abrams tank around all day long? Handling an M-16 is one thing.

Opening up military occupation specialties for women is fine, but know [and fully understand] the limits of 99.9% of women, thus the list of physical barriers to women based on MOS's that fight. I concur with Pat Buchanan [almost said Robertson] 100%, U.S. women should never fight, it raises the moral of our enemies [yes, we DO have real men who want to kill us as our actual enemies, this is not Game of Thrones, or ELLEN], will lower the moral on the battlefield of our men*, and it concludes with the simple fact we don't have enough men in this country, who want to serve their country, and are actually willing to sign up, train, and be willing to be killed and be willing to kill those who would kill us first. We should go ahead with a Draft immediately, to get enough men to fight our upcoming battles that could mean the difference between the destruction or survival of this country.

This is repugnant. A country that has to depend on women to fight, mainly because not enough men volunteer, or there are simply not enough 'men' who feel a sense of duty to our country.

When you say, 'But, this is AMERICA!', and we must further expand and open up all career opportunities to female soldiers, be careful.

Time tested TRUTH: Men make the strongest and most durable fighters. There simply is no substitution.

Manufacturers of military equipment, firearms and munitions will not be downsizing their products any time soon, to accommodate smaller and weaker stature soldiers.

*think chivalry, sex, protection of women - all will come into play and you can not de-program that out of the men, no way.
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