LOVE, watch Dems v. Blacks v. Ho'wood v. Jews

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LOVE, watch Dems v. Blacks v. Ho'wood v. Jews

Unread postby WeAreAlreadyThere » Sun Feb 14, 2016 8:24 pm

they're all fighting now, much more than the conservatives are during their debates and tweets [I will never tweet!]

lovin' it....would pay to see it!.......Dems [H-> v. Bern] v. CBC v.Ho'wood Jewish movie producers know black movies never sell, and the more black you make them the more they fail
bringing up the rear, the little Multi-Diversity stage troupers kind of don't really like each other [only when they're NOT on stage], what a fantastic laugh watching the hyenas eat each other at the water hole
because 'Merica has REJECTED out of hand all the democrat hate campaigns against good, honest Americans

They're all losing because it was all pretend. America is sick and tired of the Clintons and their gang, they're tired of being told multi-diversity works and we're stronger, they're tired of a president who has sucker punched the military when it had a GREAT VICTORY IN IRAQ, they're tired of having people like Robert Gates come right in and sit right down and say 'you will have gays, you will have transsexuals, you will have women fighting', to the U.S. troops and to the Boy Scouts of America he says, 'you will have gays', then he writes Duty and then another book and I'll tell you this is kind of man who worked mainly for Obama, and then found out the policy conflicted with victory, as bad as any judge in the land.

Every institution has been under constant, aggressive, and offensive attacks by Blacks, Latinos, Gays and Democrats. It is those four groups now, because they have LOST the women.

I say, Salute, to all conservatives who have literally beat the holy snot out of these people who think that baby killing is a right, that marriage is a right, that healthcare is a right, that citizenship is a right for anybody who comes up and asks for it. The president has lost the House, the Senate, and not soon enough, the White House. Of course they're killing each other on the left - maybe, it's time they rethink their anti-family, anti-American platforms, but I will love this and never forget it, they fight and lose now because they had losing policies which America rejected in whole, no Oscars, no Dreamers, no President, sorry, do not feel sorry for you, you're the people who are demanding we allow the Muslims to force their women to follow Sharia IN THIS COUNTRY! H-> had one the other night, showing her 'Solidarity' with Muslims.

So now the Democrats, Jews v. Black in Ho'wood, Jew v. Christian in the presidents race, Blacks against Cops, there are simply no more southern democrats so they can expect to lose the entire south to us, they'll be pretty angry, my BET is that the blacks will coalesce around Farrakhan and all join the Muslims in a civil war right here, who needs one in the middle east when the democrats, dreamers, gays and Muslims can all gang up on us right here? The blacks will create the biggest riots this country has ever seen, because they're married to a party that has failed them, they'll be mad at conservatives for not pardoing all of their gangbanger kids, I do not feel sorry for them in the least. Nor do I feel sorry for a people whom the Pope today has to go down and inform them that gangbanging, human trafficking, childhood rape [at least under U.S. law, Coulter brought this up], beheading, and government corruption in Mexico is a not a good, wholesome, Roman Catholic set or values. And they want to bring all that up here, when the Latinos also have a continent [South America], Central America, and Mexico - so that there is simply no excuse for them to have to come up here 'for a better life'.

Glad to see the party SELF-DESTRUCT...............their policies are what did it. Democrats will LOSE because the blacks have already made the split and will not support Sanders [who is much more likely to win than Clinton]. The Sanders Pack actually would help the blacks, and all the poor, more than the Clinton Pack. Now, they're willing to look the other way on the 100K Clinton Cops and Stiff Sentences, but will it be enough? The BET on Clinton by the blacks will cause the Democrats to lose, Bernie could win, the result will be something far worse than the current campaigns in either party.

They'll blame conservatives for 'dissing' the president. And that's the worst thing you can do, to a gangbanger. All I can say to that is, since I already know it's coming, even Rush or The Don are not predicting it, the Civil War after the election, we're ready. When they lose their president, they'll become Muslims and go to war with us right here at home. I saw that S**t on Beyoncé's face.
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LOVE, watch Dems v. Blacks v. Ho'wood v. Jews



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