GOP reinventing itself, that is 'the fight'

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GOP reinventing itself, that is 'the fight'

Unread postby WeAreAlreadyThere » Sat Sep 26, 2015 5:55 pm

Idiot reporters...

The GOP has been trying to at least re-invent itself - unlike the Democrats.
The GOP has actual discussions within their party about policy differences - unlike the Democrats. [who all MUST agree!]

Still, all the reporters who [check out liberal PBS fools] keep saying the GOP is fighting among themselves do not realize that this GOOD!

It is GOOD to re-invent yourself when the government has to change. It is the birth of a new Republican Majority Party in the United States ['10, '14] !

And the Democrats are NOT changing! [but they thought they voted for change!]

Who will win 2016? Obvious..........those who have CHANGED

DUH........these reporters obviously do not want real change in Washington......but the GOP will be delivering real change.
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GOP reinventing itself, that is 'the fight'



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