UC's Nappy-Headed nutjob

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UC's Nappy-Headed nutjob

Unread postby WeAreAlreadyThere » Tue Jul 28, 2015 4:44 pm

there they go again,
UC's Napolitano, yes BO's former DHS Secretary [government employee who knew nothing about securing America]
is SO confused, she actually believes that there are "6 Genders".

In fact, there are only 2.

Sure 90% of UC students buy into this BS.

great way to start them off, honey.

they just can't leave well enough, N A T U R E, alone.

You see, in the liberal theology, N A T U R E must conform to man's plan, not the other way around.

good luck with that s bomb, Jan, what a deplorable excuse for a female [or is it trans/woman, trans/man, queer, man, or other?]
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UC's Nappy-Headed nutjob



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