Todd wrong, we'll build 'Shovel Ready WALL'

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Todd wrong, we'll build 'Shovel Ready WALL'

Unread postby WeAreAlreadyThere » Mon Jul 20, 2015 10:00 am

Chuck Todd, of MTP, with his liberal panel yesterday said
one, crime is not a problem among young Latinos in the U.S.,
legally or illegally, and
that it would cost $28B per year to 'seal the border' -
That means, having over twice the number of 'border guards'.

First, he's dead wrong about Latino criminals.

And everyone knows it, except liberals who have no red lines,
want the Latino vote for 200 years, and refuse to face reality,
and do not care about young women such as Kate Steinle.

That is what I said, 'Liberals do not CARE about young women like Kate Steinle'.

Let's explain something here, folks. If you have 10,00 border guards,
there are 4 shifts per week, which means at best at any given minute
of the day, there are only 2,500 border guards on the jobs.

Now, you have to ask yourself a question.
Would YOU hire a complete staff to keep drug runners, murderers and rapists
off of your property? Of course not.

You would use technology, instead of the most expensive
'Federal Government' solution.

Well, my friends, that's exactly what we are going to do.

I've been writing each, all, everyone of the republicans running for president
and have explained the mathematics of 'sealing the border'.
Now, agreed, most do not believe that we can, and most do not believe that we
need a 'WALL".
However, Steve King {R:IA} last week challenged DHS Secretary 'Jeh' Johnson on the numbers.
Exactly what I've been writing the RHINOS.
We spend $13.5B per year, basically on the CBP, most of it goes to prevent millions of illegals
from coming into the U.S.
There is a 2,000 mile border between Brownsville, TX and San Diego, CA.
I did the math, and so did Steve King.
Using one year's of CBP's funding, we can spend up to $6.5M per mile and get the thing built.
He's a construction engineer and flatly told Sec. Johnson that building a high grade, durable
freeway mile only costs $3.5M per mile, and that building a wall would be less expensive!

IF we build the United States of American Southern Border Security Wall
THEN we can 'eliminate' the annual cost of the CBP,
and all the retirement costs,
and attain 100% security

Only two candidates have said they would build such a wall,
Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee

Having Steve King, of Iowa, now is marvelous...

Maybe, he read Ann Coulter's number one book.

After the USASBSW is built, I would personally like to ram
one of the shovels used to build it up Todd's anal cavity,
and all of the democrats and Rhinos, like John McCain,
Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Lindsey Graham, and Rick Perry.

we will be PROUD of our wall, it will SECURE us
from not only Mexico, but Central America, and
all of South America.

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Todd wrong, we'll build 'Shovel Ready WALL'



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