Jewish/African/Hispanic/Homosexual Coalition

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Jewish/African/Hispanic/Homosexual Coalition

Unread postby WeAreAlreadyThere » Tue Jul 14, 2015 2:15 pm

it's quite clear,
that this is the rigid composition of
the Democrat Party.

The Democrat Compound

there simply does not exist a diversity of opinion
on issues or in their voting habits

all supported by the Social Media Kingpins

the rules of this Plantation Ideology are also quite clear,
support all of these constituencies, by hook or by crook,
to destroy, "The party of old white men"...

aren't we just sinful and intolerant to not support all
of their lame policies and social changes...

long live Rush Limbaugh
Laura Ingraham
Ann Coulter
Larry Elder
Hugh Hewitt
Mark Steyn
Mark Levin !
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Jewish/African/Hispanic/Homosexual Coalition



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