Burnin' Love for Dalai Obama

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Burnin' Love for Dalai Obama

Unread postby UniterNotADivider » Mon Mar 25, 2013 7:00 pm

Ah, one Peace Prize, Two Presidential terms, and Trillions of Yankee Dollars to spend. This latest Democrat Deity, Demon from Harvard, and progeny of the Devil, America's own Dalai, was to end war, lasso the wild Republican Congress, cool the earth's temperature, end 'our' war on women, free the enslaved illegals, and liberate the TBLG's[acronym: 'troubling'] from their closets. The presentation of symptoms is complete - America is a patient in the E.R., terminally ill from all it's injuries and diseases. Yet the reality show in Washington D.C., with all it's directors, conductors, fresh young actors, and lifetime party politicians, goes on without taking it's medicine or doing the hard therapy it needs.

Let's give him a big GOP, NRA magazine-sized, frikkin' hand of applause - he's divided and dumped half the country [more so than Romney's 47%], hustled, spent, borrowed, taxed, printed, and played oh-so-cool the entire time in the Oval Office. He's a disloyal, traitorous, turncoat - he's stood down and drawn down our troops so they can neither protect our embassies or win territory against Radical, Islamist Terrorism. He's arming the Muslim Brotherhood and allowing Tehran to dictate terms. He's stalled the shaving of Major SOA Hasan for 4 years.

Yet, the timid, overpaid, over made-up media is afraid - afraid, that IF they call the Dalai on his obscene record they'll precipitate a fast reduction in support from the various,fully bought and paid for, democrat party 'faithful'. Faithful unto itself, not unto this country. Wo, be unto the Democrat Party and to a majority of a sick, out-of-touch with half of America, super-sized, biased media for serving it's people so poorly.

That sweaty, delicious, love just isn't as hot as it was 5 years ago, now is it, Mr. President? :oops:
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Burnin' Love for Dalai Obama



Re: Burnin' Love for Dalai Obama

Unread postby orange36 » Mon Oct 21, 2013 12:56 am

I like it a lot. Keep on taking action.
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