IF Obama was 'white'

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IF Obama was 'white'

Unread postby UniterNotADivider » Tue Mar 19, 2013 1:35 pm

It is obvious.

IF Barack Obama was white THEN he would never have beaten Hillary Clinton in the '08 Presidential Primary or John McCain in the General Election.


IF Barack Obama was white THEN he would never get away with what's he's doing, and what he's not doing, as President..

The first black Presidential candidate was all the Made-Men, Mob-Media needed 5 years ago to support this man and defeat Hillary Clinton - a major miscalculation by the media. Now, they're 'afraid' to criticize him, because he's black.

He trash talked this country, and the Republicans, from the very beginning of his first campaign. He continues to do so.
And we're so far in debt now, while no budget or meaningful legislation can pass, that any white president would have been crucified by the made-men, mob-media.

I would support Dr. Carson in 2016, NOT because he's black, but because of his hard concern for the direction and current position of this country and of it's people.
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IF Obama was 'white'



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