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This has been bothering me for a while and I guess this would be the place to complain about it. As I do not have cable and I cannot stand the network news shows, I get much of my information from What's bothering me is, I don't know if it's intentional by Google or more likely, that it is just due to the volume of negative articles written about Romney, but whenever the reason the headlines (not only the content but the headlines as well) when it comes to the election all portray Romney as a villain or a buffoon. For example, I just checked Front page election article is a piece from the Huffington Post. Don't even need to go there and read it since I know they're biased to the gills. Then there's an article right underneath it about how Romney is trying to regain ground after his missteps on the medicare front. Underneath that there's an opinion piece about how Romney drew criticism from both sides for politicizing the deaths of the US diplomats (which he didn't, he just criticized the administration for apologizing for offending Muslims right after our guys were murdered). How could every single article online be against Romney? Then you click on an article and the vast majority of comments are pro-Obama. It almost seems like there's a conspiracy to marginalize the conservative reader.
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