ABC "reporters" blame the Tea Party

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ABC "reporters" blame the Tea Party

Unread postby Cap'n Billy » Mon Jul 23, 2012 11:25 am

Let us not fail to mention this latest example of Bias and Arrogance by a couple of so-called "reporters" just a few hours after the Aurora, CO shooting.

Needless to say, neither one of these cretins will be held accountable for this outrage.
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ABC "reporters" blame the Tea Party



Re: ABC "reporters" blame the Tea Party

Unread postby AmericanEagle1392 » Tue Jul 24, 2012 3:09 pm

I found Bernie's appearance on The O'Reilly Factor this week unbelievable. Here we had Brian Ross of ABC, who has a long history of liberal bias and biased reporting against conservatives, and both Bernie and Bill O'Reilly kept going on about what a great reporter he is and making excuses for his deliberate attack on the Tea Party with no substantiation whatsoever. And this makes Ross a "great reporter"? This was yet another example of brazen liberal bias. Ross and Stephanopoulos could not contain their excitement that they MAY have found something to paint the Tea Party with.

Glenn Beck said he would fire Ross and Stephanopoulos if he ran ABC, and I agree with him.

This was yet another example of O'Reilly's brazen, self-serving SPIN in the phony No Spin Zone. I grew up under socialism in another country and the first time I heard Bill O'Reilly talk about "No Spin Zone" and "We're looking out for you" and "looking out for the folks" I knew he was a big time phony, and he regularly proves me right.

I'm sorry to see Bernie sucked in every now and then. I notice Dennis Miller distancing himself from O'Reilly whenever he gives Obama a pass "to be fair". Glenn Beck eventually realized that O'Reilly was routinely ridiculing him and his message when he was a guest. O'Reilly cannot claim to be "looking out for the folks" and then put blinders on and "be fair" to Barack Obama, the leader of those working hard to screw the "folks" and destroy the US economy. That's like being "fair" to someone trying to shoot you.

Bill O'Reilly has been MIA when it comes to vetting Obama as Sean Hannty and Michelle Malkin have done, even though he has the resources to do so. He gives Obama a pass every chance he gets. I remember when Glenn Beck was on the show when his book Coward came out. This book illustrates how the media are cowards who refuse to call a spade a spade, pun intended. Yet, O'Reilly pretended not to notice that the book referred to people like him as well as the mainstream media because he is a coward when it comes time to call out Obama or even call what he is doing by it's correct name "socialist-style statism". He has come up wilh some c bomb2 term like "social justice extremist".

What the hell is "social justice"? Who gets to decide what this term means? It's a non sequitur. This country was founded on the seminal principle of "individual justice", not someone's c bomb2 notion of social justice. If we give individual justice to every American, why do we need something meaningless called "social justice"?

What good is it for O'Reilly to write a book called "Culture War" and then "be fair" to the liberals conducting this war against everything that made this country great? He correctly identified the war going on but then sits on the sidelines and doesn't openly fight against the liberal enemy.

And, as a brown immigrant, I can see O'Reilly letting black liberals, like Juan Williams and Marc Lamont Hill, walk all over him. These are both committed liberal, race-obsessed hacks who will twist every fact they can to support Obama, no matter what. I rarely if ever see the really smart blacks on The O'Reilly Factor, like Tom Sowell, Walter E. Williams, Larry Elder, Allen West, Eric Rush, Herman Cain, Deneen Borelli, Angela McGlowan, Amy Holmes, Carol Swain, etc.
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Re: ABC "reporters" blame the Tea Party

Unread postby UniterNotADivider » Mon Mar 18, 2013 4:32 pm

Helen Thomas, Keith Olbermann, Tony Sanchez - all were fired [the first and last over generalaties about the Jewish people]. Clinton's PUNK, when I first heard the term 'senior advisor' I shook my head in disbelief, the now wealthy and unaccountable Boy George who covers everything from sinkholes to celebrities - is a loser, contributes nothing to society, and is just another fake self promoter like about 75% of the 'anchors'. He's nothing but an over paid hit man - doing 'whatever it takes' to bring down the Tea Party. I'd like to see Amy Kremer beat him to a pulp - or, maybe Sarah can put a target on his back. Guys like George have no business manipulating the minds of the hard working American people. Again, there is no shame, and it appears, no blame either. I hope FNC, Beck, Rush, Larson, Levin et. al may one day get their revenge - it is a dish, best served cold! :D
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