Pro-Abortion, G&L and Illegal Leftist Hate Media

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Pro-Abortion, G&L and Illegal Leftist Hate Media

Unread postby VectorSpaceMan » Wed Sep 30, 2009 12:50 pm

I appreciate all of the Presidential and Political editorializing on your forum - but let us be clear, the Culture War is being lost.

I don't hear anybody complaining about the Far Gay Leftist Chey Hate Conservative Media's wholesale promotion of the, holy sbomb it makes me sick just to say it "GAY" and "LESBIAN" lifestyle.

Your former FAMILY at CBS is persisent in this effort to Socialize, Orient and Promote this - so is Donald "Hustler" Trump with his personal selection of the Boy George Boy who ruined Carrie Prejeans efforts.
The list of this type of promotion is uncountable - they can always find a new way to stick it to the right, as far back as Murphy Brown to the most recent bash against conservatism with the new single girls' sitcom about 8 children after dumping the father. I'm sure this plays well in the major markets of Frisco, NY and LA.

The Celebrity Entertainment Infusion Complex, along with their NEA 'Christ in a Urine Specimen Bottle' Troops who want their gay and lesbian loving creative crafters to further P-Bomb us off - The Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Apprentice, Idol Survivor Mentality (which Fox is still a big part of Rupe!), WWF and the World Series of Poker??? is taking us on a hard left turn into the ditch and off course from our family values, shared concern for our childrens' future, safety and well-being.

The Demons primary moral dilemma, however, is that they do not believe there is anything wrong with having your fetuses destroyed before birth - abortion is morally acceptable and they have no problem with it.
They do not know what they do, forgive them.

There also is no such thing as an illegal alien, we should take in unlimited numbers of immigrants to pour our Starbucks and serve us our .99c hamburgers and scrub our commodes for minimum wage.
The Demons, again do not know how to put a number on our immigration process - skewed by the former louse and liberal Teddy 'I'm for the poor' Kennedy who changed immigration law to favor South America's poorest, and most illiterate masses.
They do not know what they do, forgive them.

There is also no such thing as traditional marriage for them - it is a violation of the G&L Code to "descriminate" whether it is in our military, boy scouts, homecoming queen contests.. and the beat goes on.
Anybody should be able to marry.
They do not know what they do, forgive them.

We can NOT afford to just talk trash against this insane dictator we have in the White House - we have to fight them in the churches, boycott the theatres, cancel our cable, fight to keep Don't Ask Don't Tell, vote for a Consitutional Amendment protecting marriage (Fred Thompson and the liberal wing of the Republican Party are wrong on this and so is Megan McCain!), and fight for Sheriff Joe Arpaio - if we do not, it won't matter who is in the White House.

The hardest thing to do it to forgive them, but unless we do we have not cleansed ourselves from the internal ills that are harming us as a nation and we can not defeat them. They must be defeated and not negotiated with. Give Me Victory, of Give Me Death!

This is as true today as it was during the Revolution against the King. IT IS WORTH DYING FOR!

I'm not saying kill Maury Povitch, Whoopi Goldberg, or blow up abortion clinics - I'm just trying to tell the men in this country to man up, stand up, be straight and stop buying into this Freaks, Creeps, Fruits and Nuts Mentality that's being pushed on us by the Leftist Hate Media.

Don't forget the Culture War - or your children will have no idea how to live their life. That's what the stakes are. This cancer must be eliminated or God's Guiding Hands will no longer care about America.

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Pro-Abortion, G&L and Illegal Leftist Hate Media



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