ABC's The V(agina)iew: Yes to ACORN, No to MARRIAGE

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ABC's The V(agina)iew: Yes to ACORN, No to MARRIAGE

Unread postby VectorSpaceMan » Thu Sep 17, 2009 2:31 pm

ABC is on a Mission. :gay-rainbow:

Whoopi and all the post hormonal freeks, creeps, fruits and nuts applauded keeping Acorn afloat. THEN they bring in the super trashy little diva and soon to be washed up Theron to pronounce she "can't get married because my queer friends can't - it's one sided" more raucous applause from mindless, cloned I'm OK with everything crowd.

I"m totally speechless - just a day after Mr. Carter accused all southerners and all members of the GOP of being AFRICAN AMERICAN HATERS. :obscene-moneypiss:

Bernie - they are at the bottom. :character-beavisbutthead:

And Barbara Walters? I can not say what I feel about her on Bernies Website.

I will pray for them and hope my nieces do not watch and that they are not influenced by this disrespectful and abusive use of our airways by the American Baiting Code losers.

No wonder, the terrorists hate us. :flags-usa:

In the meantime - I think I'll go and wash my old, white pillow cases and sheets for tonights Medicine Doctor Hunt with the good old boys, Jimmy "BOY"! :violence-sniperprone:
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ABC's The V(agina)iew: Yes to ACORN, No to MARRIAGE



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